mondeo mk3 2001 ghia - 21mdc
Hi just found this site and seems like a great place to post my question. Great if anybody can help thanks..
My problems is with the heating/climate control. on pushing the control buttons to turn on the heater either manual or the auto button the aircon clutch kicks in and a few seconds later the cars main cooling fan starts up ( i been informed this is ment to happen if the aircon button is pressed) and cooles the car before it ever has a chance to warm up so drive around for miles with little or no real heat. Im also now thinking that my thermostat is on the blink as well just to make matters worse. Could be an expensive new year. Car has done 107000 miles with little gone wrong up to this point. Thanks 21mdc.
mondeo mk3 2001 ghia - Micky
Petrol or deeseasel? Duratect thermostat is notoriously useless and annoyingly fiddly to change compared with Zetec engine. What does the temp gauge indicate?
mondeo mk3 2001 ghia - kithmo
On the 2001 Mk3 Mondeo, you can turn off the AC on the climate control by first setting the climate to "AUTO" (press "AUTO"), then press the "AC" button in (the light comes on), then press the "AC" button again (the light goes off) and the AC will not come on again unless you press the windscreen direction button, "AC" button or "AUTO" button again. You can adjust the temperature setting and/or any of the other buttons as you wish. Note if you want the hot air to go toward the screen, without AC, then press the up ^ air direction button instead of the windscreen button.
mondeo mk3 2001 ghia - 21mdc
Thanks for the info will give it a try in the morning and see if i can stay any warmer..Matt.
mondeo mk3 2001 ghia - 21mdc
Thanks Kith. had a go at your sugestion and life is much better now. Instructions worked as described apart from the fact that if the "OFF "button is pressed i have to go through the A/C off procedue again (is this standard ? ) not that that takes long now have tried it out a few times. Thanks again Matt..
mondeo mk3 2001 ghia - dxp55
Give this forum a try click on forums

mondeo mk3 2001 ghia - 21mdc
petrol. guage reads cold for a long time but will read normal (midle of the guage) will reach normal reading if in town but once speed increase in this cold weather the dial falls back to just warm. If i push any of the heater buttons the fan comes in and the reading falls like a stone. chears Matt.
mondeo mk3 2001 ghia - jc2
Does sound like thermostat failure.

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