Navara noise and steering - Navara Van man
Firstly just found that one of the power steering pipes has started leaking and needs replaceing. Is this simply a case of removing the jubile clips, taking out the perished pipe and replacing the lost fluid or does the systme need to be bleed after topping up, the systme has curently lost fluid to below the min mark but the resovoir does still contain fluid.

Secondly The vehicle has just started making a circular saw like wine when aclerating up past 40, is this likely to be caused by the partial loss of power steering fluid? At lower speeds everything is fine but I have not gone above 50 as the noise increases.

Obviously I will take it into the garadge asap, but they may not be open this week and if poss I could do with geting it fixed b4 the new year. The above problems happened on the last five miles of a 100 mile jurney on cristmass day!

Thanks in advance

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