Punto Lock Problems - aaflyer
The driver's side door of my '94 Punto has started to cause problems. About 3 months ago, the piece of metal covering the lock and that gets pushed to one side when the key is put in, vanished (broken?).

Over the last few weeks it has become increasingly difficult to put the key into the lock and even harder to actually turn it and withdraw it. Now I notice that the passenger's side lock has suffered the same fate with the piece of metal covering the lock (but no such problems, yet!)

So, any good solutions? Do you think the cold weather is making it harder to turn the key? Has the piece of metal got wedged in (although I can't see it, even with a powerful torch)? Has someone had a go at knicking the car, hence the damage? Would a good blast of WD-40 do the trick or do more harm than good (central locking system)?

Thank you.

Punto Lock Problems - wrangler_rover
I had a problem on my 2001 Mk2 punto, the key was difficult to turn on the lock.
Give it a good squirt with the spray can of white grease that you can buy from motor accessory shops.
I needed to repeat this treatment about every 4 months.
Punto Lock Problems - sine
The drivers key slot had been a bit catchy to insert for ages on my car, it wasn't stiff to turn though.
A short squirt with some silicone grease made it much better. Did the garage door (which was stiff to turn) and front door to the house at the same time and all were much improved.
I shouldn't think it would matter too much what you use. The stuff i used becomes dry to the touch so the key doesn't get all oily and make a mess in your pocket.
Punto Lock Problems - aaflyer
Thanks for the replies. I've got some of that silicone spray in the shed; I'll see how it goes.

Should have read an '04 (not '94!!) Punto. Now, that would be some achievement, running a 12 year-old Punto...!

Punto Lock Problems - LeePower
Isnt 04 still under Fiat 3 year warranty?
Punto Lock Problems - Halmer
Try a bit of clean engine oil on the key before you insert it. My wife's Punto had the same problem albeit the bit off metal didn't vanish like yours!

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