NIP wrong spelling - overend
Today i recieved a notice of intended prosecution, excess speed camera device, but on the document the spelling of the town is incorrect - given this error any chance of escape from the clutches of the law?
NIP wrong spelling - Altea Ego
Nope not on this point, try another tack, that one will get you nowhere.
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NIP wrong spelling - Armitage Shanks {p}
It depends how bad the mis-spelling is. If they meant Tonbridge and put Trowbridge that is clearly wrong, it is is just a letter or two wrong then no chance - as TVM says. If you were 35 or under in a 30, ask about the option of a Speed Awareness course. It takes a day, you have to go to where it is being held at your own expense and it costs more than the £60 fine BUT it save you points on your licence! Might be worth it you you?
NIP wrong spelling - Honestjohn
Seems that due to a glitch some NIPs have been going out with the wrong time of the alleged offence on them. If you were asked to identify the driver at 00/00 hours on (whatever date) at (whatever location), surely it would be legitimate to reply that you could not?

NIP wrong spelling - Armitage Shanks {p}
HJ is referring, I think, to the fact that some cameras did not have their clocks reset when the change took place at the end of October.
NIP wrong spelling - Dwight Van Driver
Reading the place name is it just a minor error as stated above so that the address/ place can be recognised e,g. Middlesbrough - Middlesborough? No Post Code?

Bearing in mind the object of the NOIP is to bring the possibility of prosecution to the notice of an offender so that he can marshall his defence does this error do so?

There is s submission that where there is an error as to place, it is a question of fact and degree whether the defendant has been misled and that a misstatement is not ipso-facto fatal if the defendant had not been misled by the mis-statement.

If it is totally wrong then one can see an argument for waiting 16 days then returning the 172 form signed to the effect not at that town at the time stated with any additional evidence and also point out the error on the NOIP. May get a responce from SCP or they may go for a Court hearing where you argue the point before the bench.

NIP wrong spelling - jc2
If you received it,then the address couldn't be that wrong!!
NIP wrong spelling - Ravenger
There is a 'slip' rule where minor errors such as spelling mistakes on NIP's and summonses can be ignored/corrected. As the other posters have said, it really depends on the severity of the error.
NIP wrong spelling - Peter D
On returnin ght NIP it is prudent to wait to day 27 form the date of the alleged offense and then send it back 'Special' delivery this gives you prove it was actually recived and by whom. Registered and Recorded is delivered on block. This is witnin the 28 rule and does not give them the opportunity to re-issue the NIP with the error corrected. The time of the offense is a very very slim defense and you must show due diligence in court that it was not your car, to do this you should have politely requested a copy of the photographic evidence. This provided and it is your car and your registration does not assist your plea. Further info on Regards and have a Great Christmas. Peter
NIP wrong spelling - Armitage Shanks {p}
OP is referring to a mis-spelling of the location of the alleged offecnce I think, not his home address!
NIP wrong spelling - local yokel
>If they meant Tonbridge and put Trowbridge

But what if they meant Tonbridge and put Tunbridge? Only five miles apart!
NIP wrong spelling - Peter D
This may well qualify for 'Vague Locus' and could well get dropped but again do not return until the 26 and a half day to make sure they can not re-issue the NIP. Regards Peter
NIP wrong spelling - Armitage Shanks {p}
There is no 'Tunbridge' - it is Tunbridge Wells but I take your point! Pete has the best idea = if you spot an error that might be an 'out' wait until the last 2 days and then return NIP recorded delivery and their response, if any, will be out of time
NIP wrong spelling - overend
Sorry should have made clear, it is location of offence that had the spelling error - Llenelli, not Llanelli. I'll wait until last moment, return with covering letter, stating never been near Llenelli!
NIP wrong spelling - Peter D
That error will be covered by slippage so it is no defense I'm afraid but worth a try I guess. Regards Peter
NIP wrong spelling - Armitage Shanks {p}
Peter D. Obviously one letter wrong falls into 'slippage' but if the corrected NIP is served outside the 28 day rule is it valid? Sorry to keep digging away at this one - I am interested!
NIP wrong spelling - Peter D
No the corrected NIP is not valid if dates outwith the 28 day rule. However the error here simple slippage so the original NIP is valid and was demmed to have been served. Even the admin clerk of the court can declare the correction if it went to court that is. Regards Peter
NIP wrong spelling - Armitage Shanks {p}
Understood! Thanks for the clarification!
NIP wrong spelling - Dwight Van Driver

NOIP has a 14 day deadline and cannot be re-issued.

172 Form (Name driver) has a 28 day return requirement and IT can be reissued.

NIP wrong spelling - Armitage Shanks {p}
So DVD, if you fill in a 172 on day 26, relating to an incorrectly worded NOIP which can't be re-issued after day 14 you have a result? Or more likely you don't!
NIP wrong spelling - Dwight Van Driver

You are aware from previous posts on NOIP, the ideal time to open an argument on its legality is after the 14 days so that they cannot issue an amended NOIP, which if served within the 14 days (ignoring date of offence), is then valid and does not prohibit a prosecution.

With the second part of the intial CO is the 172 form to name the driver which has to be returned signed within 28 days or an offence committed. It would seem prudent to open a dialogue with SCP on the defect in name of town after the 14 days and before the end of the 28 days pojnting out the defect suggesting this fact invalidates the NOIP and the Form 172 as the receipient was not in that town at the time and date stated.

Bearing in mind that this will not be an open and closed arguement for there are a number of stated cases that such matters will have to be argued before a Court (have a heart for PU has to make a living and saving for his retirement) and for the bench to make the decision or even up to Court of Appeal.

Also take note of the fact that the Conditional Offer stage is not a platform for arguement merely an offer by them to accept and get the matter over and done with. The argument stage is before the bench which if you question the CO the SCP may well go to the Court.


PS. My heard bleeds for you having to work on 25.12. At what? I believe that you used to flit amongst the nimbus........ of my gawd your not Santa Claus?

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"have a heart for PU has to make a living "

Ho ho ho !
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Spot on DVD I got the date mixed. It is 14 days that they can modify and or re issue a NIP not 28 as I incorrectly detailed. There have been a couple of Modified NIP's due to early returns with covering letters mentioned on at the persons expense. If you get a NIP 'No Not Panic Mr Mannering' Use the time and think, take advice then note every thing, copy everything then reply by use of Special delivery. Regards Peter Yes I know it is Christmas Day. Regards Peter
NIP wrong spelling - TheGrocer
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