Cant remove Screenwash stains :-( - Red_Dash

I have a 2005 Ford Mondeo and I have been using Halfords Screenwash this winter for general windscreen clearing duties. However, i have just been washing the car this morning and this stuff seems like the devils own work!!

The screenwash seems to have left staining all round the windscreen where the wipers have not cleared it and also has left various stains on the bodywork e.g near the washer jets where it will have 'sat' after squirting.

I used Halfords Advanced Car Wash to wash the car and windscreen but this stuff wont shift. I then tried Halford bug and tar remover on the windscreen (it says it should remove traffic file too) and again this has made no difference. I then tried 20/20 Cristal but this didnt shift it either :-(.... can anyone please advise me whats the best product to use to get rid of this damn stuff!

Needless to say I wont be using Halfords Screenwash again!


Cant remove Screenwash stains :-( - Hamsafar
I would complain to Halfords. Someone on here complained about a GB sticker marking their paintwork, and Halfords were very concerned and helpful and payed to have it put right. Whatever they put in it you would think would be water soluble. Have you tried neat screenwash which can then be rinsed off? If it was dissolved in the screenwash before surely it should redissolve.
Cant remove Screenwash stains :-( - Roger Jones
This looks weird, really weird. Certainly report it to Halfords, who should take it very seriously as it might indicate a bad manufacturing batch. Can we take it that nothing -- such as antifreeze, for example (see other thread) -- has been added to the wash? Can you put any photos up on Photobucket or another image-hosting site?
Cant remove Screenwash stains :-( - Simon
How strong a solution were you using it? Unless it was 'ready for use' then you need to dilute it down quite well. I assume that you followed the directions given on the bottle.
Cant remove Screenwash stains :-( - DieselBoy
Howdo Dave, funny where you can bump into people, int it?!

I think the suggestion of using more of the same makes sense to me..... Have to be careful to remove all excess quickly though...

See you in the new year...

Cant remove Screenwash stains :-( - Red_Dash
I have just checked the packaging for the screenwash and even though I have been using it quite strongly there is no indication that thes would cause the problems I have seen. The screenwash has been sat in my garage for a couple of years (sealed in the original container) but I am still surprised by how much of a pain the marks have been to remove.

However, a trip to the motor factors this afternoon has yielded Autoglym Glass Polish which, along with some good old fashioned elbow grease is slowly removing the marks from the glass..... hurrah! Any marks on the paintwork are again slowly being removed with the use of Meguirs Quick Clay.

I am going to make the screenwash up a bit more carefully from now on and certainly a bit weaker than I have been doing!

BTW.. Hi Steve... have a good Christmas and we will have to dig out that Wolseley in the new year! :-)

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