Additional Micra keys - Spospe
My daughter has just bought a 1999 1.0 Micra, which came with only one set of keys. Can anyone suggest where (in the Manchester area) she could get an additional key at the lowest possible cost?

I have had a look on eBay and to my surprise no one seems to offer a key cutting service that undercuts (pardon the pun) the main agents. The car is equipped with an immobiliser and I imagine that this compicates matters, but I would have thought it possible to provide generic keys that would work.

Any suggestions gratefully received.

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Additional Micra keys - bell boy
a decent shoerepairer might be able to help but im thinking the micra key is un clonable but by all means ask.
there is a big chain that i highly unrecommend they have many sons.
try for an independant one, they usually tell the truth and not through a forked tongue.
Additional Micra keys - jc2
Look at "technical matters" page 5-Rover 620 and three addresses are given.

{Link added because it won't be on page 5 forever - DD}
Additional Micra keys - Spospe
Many thanks for the info, I have located a local agent in the Stockport area from one of the web addresses given. These keys cost about £30 for a Micra and whilst this is not as cheap as I would like, it is a lot cheaper than some cars / manufacturers.

All the best.
Additional Micra keys - joegina
I have a 98 Micra and I think the immobiliser is separate and has nothing to do with the keys.
Additional Micra keys - LeePower
Its a NATS transponder key system.

Even if its a remote fob theres a transponder chip inside that for the immobiliser.
Additional Micra keys - massey
I had a recent experience with a Daihatsu. Tried all the key cutting services with no sucess.

Had to use the main agent to get the car's security system re-programmed to accept the duplicate key

Expensive but no other way apparently
Additional Micra keys - lex_us_i
chip in key costs £6.00 aprox

unchipped key cut £5.00 approx

would chip put on key ring start the car with unchipped key ?


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