Rubbing tyres - Citroen Saxo - Closure
I just put my 15 inch wheels on my saxo. On the rear drivers side my back tyre rubs alot on the plastic body work.
It only happens on that side when the amount of people goes over 3, but happens when going round corners and setting off with 2 people in the car.
I think there is a problem with the suspension on the drivers rear side, as there is plently off room around the rest of the car, but the front seems slightly higher than usual.
Anyway anyone got any idea's? I dont have the money right now for a whole new piece of equipment.

Rubbing tyres - adverse camber
take them off and put the originals back on.

did you check the wheel offsets ?
Rubbing tyres - adverse camber
And have you gone for tyres that are too wide ?
Rubbing tyres - Closure
All the other tyres fit perfectly, and they fit perfectly aslong as there isnt to much weight.
Im sure taking them off cant be the solution.

Im still going to have the suspension problem.

Rubbing tyres - George Porge
My nephew had a 1.1 Saxo 3 stud and fitted 15" wheels. He had the same problems as you, you need to get the arches rolled by a body shop if you want to keep the alloys.

You could also have the suspension alignment checked, its not unusual for one side to catch before the other, MK2 Golfs are the same. If it drives straight and true and the previous tyres wore evenly, don't worry about it, but if you do keep the alloys on get the arches rolled before you destroy the sidewalls of the tyres. ;O)
Rubbing tyres - jc2
Are they 1. Citroen wheels or 2. are they a set you were told would fit? If 1. go back to the dealer or 2.go back to whoever sold you them and ask for your money back.
Rubbing tyres - Closure
Its a 1i spree so its just a side skirt.
Do you think it could be the suspension there is like an inch space before anyone gets in, and like 2 inch on the other side..
The tyres are slick tires, yes there are wider, but I want to make them fit not send them back. P.s Cant send them back, brought off ebay and the guy is 3 hours away.

Rubbing tyres - bell boy
ive sent you an email with a magic wand in
be sure to wish with it carefully ;-)
Rubbing tyres - stuartl
If they can potentially rub I'd say they are potentially dangerous if you were to encounter a large pot hole or speed bump. Also, I take it your insurance company have been advised of the change of wheels? I know of someone who put aftermarket alloys on an XR2 years ago and he wrapped the car round a road sign. Although he had comp insurance they refused to pay him a penny as they argued that they hadn't been informed of the modification and that the wheels may of contributed to poor handling and therefore the crash. He then tried to argue it in court, lost and that cost him even more money.

Ironically, about all that was salvagable from the three year old car was the wheels!!!

I think he got £150 for them iirc...................
Rubbing tyres - thomp1983
if it's like the rest of the citroen/peugeot group there will be a plastic arch liner in there, remove this and you will probably find the problemis fixed, fitting 15 inch wheels with correct offset to a standard ride height saxo shouldn't cause problems apart from the arch liner needing removed

Rubbing tyres - jc2
And have you told your insurance company???
Rubbing tyres - mjm
Some sensible advice at last.

Closure is obviously trying to turn his Saxo into something he wants it to look like. It is obviously going to be a hobby. The only difference to when I were a lad is that the question would be about how much could be skimmed off the head before things went bang.
Rubbing tyres - bell boy
Fair enough mjm but also see the bigger picture,
closure has 3 mates in car,
they go round roundabout and hit a pothole ,
back wheel goes to bump stop and wedges,
car spins round,
4 dead.

customer of mine came in today (brakes are noisy) i dont do repair work but shes a pensioner and it is xmas
what did i find?
3 pads on the metal and ruined discs
all for having preventative maintainance (it passed its mot last month,but no comment from me on that one)

cars are killing machines use with a clear head

oh and merry christmas :-)
Rubbing tyres - mjm
I appreciate what you are saying, oldman, I totally agree with your sentiments. I know nothing about fitting bigger wheels to a Saxo so I could not offer any technical advice. What I didn't want was for Closure to start thinking "Well, they're no help, I'm leaving".

The technical advice on this forum is excellent. Reading between the lines Closure is starting out on his motoring/car owning career. I don't do any modifing/tuning anymore (too old and grumpy!), but boys will be boys and I am sure that Closure will fit wide wheels whatever. I would rather he had suitable advice on here than left the backroom and went his own way, possibly with the results you posted.

Merry Christmas from foggy, freezing Gloucestershire :-)

(What's happened to global warming?)
Rubbing tyres - stuartl

mjm, I'm in Gloucestershire too and yes, you're right it's absolutely freezing and very foggy : o $ !!!!!
Rubbing tyres - Hamsafar
Did the brakes work OK oldman? Just always wondered what they would by like when worn right down.
Rubbing tyres - Closure
I understand the dangers, this is my first car and I just want it to look nice. Im not a bad boy racer that wants a really fast car and great performance.
Its just a car I can get to A to B and maybe C everything so often.
I spoke to a garage they said maybe to curve the wheel arch, anyone know how much that will cost for a saxo? as the garage dont do this and they dont know.

My insurance company dont know of the wheels as of yet, as I dont know if im able to keep them..

Also I wouldn't dream of putting more than 2 people in the car till I get this fixed, so dieing is not a option right now.
I love driving to much to want to crash it all away...
Anyway thanks for your help everyone, if someone knows the cost of the curved wheel arches job, please advise.

Rubbing tyres - Hamsafar
I think this is a good hobby/interest to have, but as with any hobby/interest whether it be flying model planes or golf, you should be aware of responsibilities. So if you haven't, you need to check that the circumference of the new wheel and tyre assembly is the same as the old ones. If not you will need lower profile tyres. You'll also need to calculate the width and offset so that they don't foul anything as they are doing now.
It's the wrong time of year to be playing about with wheels that may get locked when you go over a bump. If you lose control of a car, they usually slip, grip and then flip onto two wheels or overturn, this would be far worse with a wheel that would snag when the car is leaning over heavily.
Also, have a look at other cars of the same type, there will be plenty of websites too, I'm sure.
Rubbing tyres - Closure
They are low profile tyres and the garage said they should fix perfectly.

Anyway here is what she looks like:

Picture doesnt do it justice but you know.
Im just interested in how much it will cost for curved wheel arches or shall I say Arch, Then I will look at the replacing them again.

Rubbing tyres - yorkiebar
I'm a bit confused to say the least on this thread.

The garage says they will fit perfectly but you need arches roling? Eother they fir perfectly or they don't. If they need the arches rolling I would suggest they are too big for the car and the powere of the engine! Ifmbodywork mods needed you will need a body repair shop (not cheap ).

If they need the plastic inner arches removing then they ar not the same rolling radius as the previous ones.

Please think carefully before driving with them fitted.

Inform insurance company before going further. they may load your premium that will put you off wanting them anyway. Advise them of bodywork mods too !

Strongly suggest speaking to other owners of same car with these wheels fitted for their comments on where to get mods done if needed.

Rubbing tyres - Hamsafar

Compare the circumference of you old and new tyres, they should be the same within 1% or so.
If not, they are the wrong size, and your speedo will be wrong, your odometer will be wrong, and all sorts of other things.
Rubbing tyres - yorkiebar
And handling ! and safety ! way more important than speedo but equally true !
Rubbing tyres - LeePower
Could be the start of knackered rear trailing arm bearings on that side then allowing the arm to twist slightly under load.

Fitting bigger wheels will kill them off even quicker.
Rubbing tyres - Closure
Its a difference of about 1.6%.
So just over 1 mph more.

Rubbing tyres - George Porge
Those wheels are the same as my nephew fitted to his 3 stud Saxo, the arches need rolling front and rear to prevent tyre damage. £80 - 100 at a bodyshop.

Have you fitted the correct bolts for the wheels?

Rubbing tyres - Closure
Yeah I got the correct bults from interparts.
These wheels are raceline wheels if you didnt know.
How much is it just for the back though, as my front seems to be good enough?
Anyone know a body shop in the bucks area?
Rubbing tyres - Simon
You are suffering from the age old problem of fiiting big wheels to a car that they weren't primarily designed for, a problem faced by many youngsters with their first car.

The problem that you have with the wheels rubbing when you have some weight in the back of the car is due to the fact that the tyres are 40mm wider than the originals, and hence you are suffering from this having this extra width. Its not uncommon at all on Saxo's with big wheels and having the lips of both rear arches rolled by a bodyshop should sort the problem out.

As for telling your insurance company, I personally wouldn't bother. They will only try to load your premium if you mention it and a lot of people who fit different wheels don't tell their insurance company anyway. The chances of it being a problem if you have to make a claim is minimal. You can always say that they were on the car when you bought it and assumed that they were standard, if any problem should arise.
Rubbing tyres - jc2
If you're fitting big tyres and fancy wheels then the likelihood of your car being stolen increases and insurance companies aren't stupid.
Rubbing tyres - bell boy
quote------------------As for telling your insurance company, I personally wouldn't bother------------------unquote
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>with advise like this i despair.
Rubbing tyres - stuartl
quote------------------As for telling your insurance company, I personally wouldn't bother------------------unquote
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>with advise like this i despair.

Oldman I agree entirely.

Simon, I'm sorry but that sort of 'advice' is at best irresponsible and is, I'm sorry to say unbelievably stupid.
The basic rule applies to all insurance companies: in the event of a claim, look at every possible way of avoiding a payout. That's how they make money. My mate was lucky, he just lost his three year old pride and joy because maybe he took your attitude or was just blissfully ignorant of the law.

If your insurance becomes null and void because you fail to advise them of modifications, however trivial they may seem to you, what happens if, God forbid, you seriously injure or kill someone in your car? Have you got a million quid in the bank to compensate them? Your insurance company will wash their hands of the whole matter.

If you have such an attitude you might as well go the whole hog and be one of these cretins who drive around uninsured.

Sorry guys, this isn't in the Christmas spirit I know but this sort of thing winds me up, having had a car written by an uninsured driver is not a laughing matter.

Merry Christmas to you all : o )
Rubbing tyres - LeePower
Told my insurance company about a modification ( added a rear spoiler ) & they didn't raise the premium.

Just said thanks for telling us & sent out a new amended policy schedule & insurance certificate.
Rubbing tyres - Hamsafar
"Have you got a million quid in the bank to compensate them? Your insurance company will wash their hands of the whole matter."

The insurance company would be breaking the law if that was the case, having different wheels or any other modification at all does not affect a third party's claim against the insured, only a claim by the insured themselves. Many young drivers are third party fire and theft and so that's even less of an issue.
Rubbing tyres - stuartl
I beg to differ Ashok as according to my insurance company renewal every year, 'failure disclose any change in circumstances etc etc may lead to your insurance cover be null and void. That would by definition surely apply to any third party claims as you have effectively given incorrect information to the insurance company on inception of the insurance and this would constitute fraud in a similiar way that you would do if you failed to disclose for example a previous DD conviction ?!?

I did read something in the press a few years back though that said major insurers were refusing to pay out if you were comp insured and smashed up your own car whilst drunk but, as you say honour claims from the unfortunate third party.

If I am wrong I bow to your knowledge but the fact still remains that pimping up your car without informing your insurance company is really rather stupid. Even if it did only affect the owner's side of the claim, if the pimped up ride got nicked by another boy racer this would surely mean they wouldn't pay out.

As I said earlier, first rule for insurance companies is "how can we avoid a payout on this one??"
Rubbing tyres - Hamsafar
I used to think what you said too, but recently read and it seems that they have to give what's called Road Traffic Act sec 145 insurance which is the legal minimum requirement third party insurance irrespective of condition of vehicle, but I stand being corrected too.
Rubbing tyres - Closure
I will call my insurance company after work tomorrow, and ask how much it will be added to my already expensive insurance.
I pay £1600 already as it is, im not quite made of money yet.
I like Simons advise but it is very unrealistic, I know I have to tell the insurance company.

Another thing, I was talking to my dad he said because I went on a 3 hours drive with alloys my boot and rear seat on the drivers side, also left them in there for a further few hours onto that. That it may have effected the suspension, or when the garage was putting the wheels on and the car was on the jacked up the shock absorbers could have been effected abit. And recommended putting it back on the jack for 10 minutes or so and see if that changed the shocks positioning and strength. What you think?
Rubbing tyres - stuartl
Closure, I am glad you will be contacting your insurance company regarding the wheels. Please dont take any of the points I (or others) have made as criticism. I fully appreciate your desire to make your car as visually impressive as possible, indeed, (and without wishing to sound patronising in any way) I was as guilty as a younger driver (I have deduced this from your astronomical insurance premium) in wanting this.

From what will no doubt sound like an old man please heed this advice.

Stay on the right side of the law and your insurance company.
This will put you in the position of getting the real fast car you want later on whilst all your mates wont stand a chance with points on their licence and zero NCB.

The very fact that you have sought advice on here is a good start! Good luck, drive safely and have a Happy Christmas.

Best Regards

Rubbing tyres - Citroen Saxo - jag
do what all the young bucks do, get an angle grinder and googles and cut off the lip of the wheel arch and remove the liner. a good coat of rust treatment and stonechip paint and off you go.
dont worry about the effect on the value of the car as nobody wants to buy back the cars that have been modded/tarted up anyway. jag.
Rubbing tyres - Citroen Saxo - Simon
You lot need to open your eyes a bit and have a look at what goes on around you. Do you honestly think that all of these other youngsters with the big wheels, bodykits and fat exhausts have bothered mentioning them to their insurance companies? A few will have done, but the vast majority certainly won't. I've been there, seen it and even done some of it.

When I first started out in my working life I served my apprenticeship in the motor trade, and attended the college one day a week etc, and everyone of those students was on their first car and the majority of them were modified. It was a case of trying to outdo everyone else and to have the biggest and the best etc. I know that people in this boat don't bother telling their insurance companies and I dare say that nothing has changed in that respect in the last ten years.

What about the people who have the engines modified on their cars, whether it be a only superchip or say an engine rebuild involving different cams, hybrid turbos, big intercoolers, the works? Some of these make serious improvements to power outputs, but to the naked eye they will not look much different. Don't kid yourself that these people all tell their insurance companies.

Have a poke around the biking world as well. There are loads and loads of bikes out there with modifications that are undeclared. Do you really think that people bother declaring when they fit a loud exhaust or change the front screen on their bike or maybe have them dynojetted. And as for the 'new' bikers who take the option of doing their restricted licence, which means that they should have their bike restricted to 33bhp for two years, how many of them actually get to the end of the two years with their restrictors still in place? There are very few who last the distance because the restrictors are so easy to remove and are virtually impossible to see with the naked eye that they are not fitted. So ultimately what you end up with is a kid who is on a (33bhp) restricted licence riding a bike with 120bhp. Open your eyes and have a look at what really goes on.

So all in all, we are worrying about fitting a different set of wheels to a Citroen Saxo. I'm sorry but compared to what else is going on in the insurance declaration world, then this is a minor misdemeanor and I still wouldn't bother telling them. Yes from a legal point you are right, you should declare everything, but from a moral point, why bother, because few others do.

It is very rare than an insurance company will refuse to pay out due to undeclared modifications. It is only when the modification has been a contributary factor in causing the accident that it will come into question. Like I have said I have been in the motor trade for 11 years and I know what does and doesn't go on. If a modified part that is undeclared gets broken and the vehicle gets repaired, the part will get replaced with a standard spec part instead. Or if your car is written off then they will only pay out the unmodified value. Just because it has undeclared modifications, doesn't mean your insurance cover is automatically invalid.

And as a final point, what about the 1 in 10 drivers on the roads that they reckon are uninsured? Why not direct your attention to them rather than giving Closure ear ache about how he must declare to his insurance every modification that he does to his car. They are commiting a rather bigger offence than this lad who just wants to put some nice wheels on his Saxo.
Rubbing tyres - Citroen Saxo - adverse camber
Just because lots of people do something doesnt mean that it is right.

Insurance companies can and do refuse to pay out because of undeclared mods. (third party claims are paid - Ashok is right).

We are looking at a change to a vehicle which makes it dangerous. If the wheels/tyres rub then they are dangerous.


Can you give us the full wheel and tyre sizes for the original and the aftermarket wheels?

Specifically the size of the alloys (which will be quoted as say 6J15ET35 - width in inches, diameter in inches and offset in mm) and the tyre size. You may be ok with a slightly narrower tyre on the rim. It is not at all uncommon for cars to have different clearances on each side. Is the car lowered ? Is it old ? - springs sagging a bit?

If they only just touch on full load / bumps then you might find that a different brand of tyre would work. The sizes are nominal and diff makes do vary - by enough to make a problem with some brands.
Rubbing tyres - Citroen Saxo - yorkiebar
Simon, you may well be in the motor trade for 11 years but that does not excuse you to give such bad advice !

As Oldman said earlier a car is a killing machiune and needs treating with respect and yes you can have fun in them too.

Do you not think bigger wheels will not affect handling, wheel bearings, bump steer if they are fouling, potential tyre blow out, spinning at critical momens if 1 wheel catches etc etc? All can/will/may result in fatal accidents and if you are in the trade like you say you will have seen the results ? Do not encourage another one; theres enough problems out there already !

Mod your car by all means, but do it safely so you and your mates get to enjoy it too !

Closure well done for seeking advice, please keep living too !
Rubbing tyres - Citroen Saxo - bell boy
good post yorkiebar i agree 100%
Rubbing tyres - Citroen Saxo - Micky
">It is very rare than an insurance company will refuse to pay out due to undeclared modifications.<"

How do you know this? Or is it a made-up-fact?
Rubbing tyres - Citroen Saxo - Micky
">I just put my 15 inch wheels on my saxo. On the rear drivers side my back tyre rubs alot on the plastic body work.<"

I wonder if the two are linked in any way.

The correct approach from an engineering viewpoint is to ask Citroen and the supplier of the wheels if the modification is approved, particularly with reference to the operation of the suspension and the compatibility to the transmission and braking systems. Do you have any approved drawings detailing clearances etc? That might help.

Otherwise, do you have an angle grinder and a big hammer?

In my vast experience, the handling of most modified cars is worse than that of the standard, unbutchered version in most situations {thinks back through the mists of time to horrendous things inflicted upon various Minis}
Rubbing tyres - Citroen Saxo - nick
Closure - the saxo looks great. I had huge Dunlop Steelies on my first car, a Triumph Herald convertible many years ago so I understand what you're into. It ruined the ride but to my 17 yr-old eyes, it looked good.
Don't listen to any siren voices telling you not to tell your insurance company. Ins co's will use the slightest excuse to not pay, so don't give them the chance.
Do any of the Max Power type mags have forums on their websites? Is there a Saxo owner's club? Spend a bit of time on Google and I'm sure you'll find someone who had done the same thing as you wish to do. Keep visiting here though, you'll learn a few things, I know I have.

Best of luck.
Rubbing tyres - Citroen Saxo - mjm
My daughter's (ex) boyfriend had a Rover 216 I think, early 90's model. He did several bodywork mods to it, wheels, boot spoiler, bodykit etc. His insurance company was informed, and I think he was allowed something like 8 non-performance mods, as above before they said that they would look at increasing the premiums.

I cannot think of a downside to notifying them.

Presumably Closure has fitted anti-theft bolts : - - -

Whether you take the angle grinder to it or have it done more professionaly depends upon how much pride you take in the finished article.


I'm in Wotton under edge in south Glos, It's a bit better today, I can see the other side of the road!
Rubbing tyres - Citroen Saxo - stuartl
mjm, yes its slackened of to a fine mist of rain. Still think a white Christmas is a long way off though : o)
Rubbing tyres - Citroen Saxo - WVM2
annoying that. i had a fiver on it being a whilte christmas
Rubbing tyres - Citroen Saxo - George Porge
The car is a Saxo with 3 stud hubs, the wheels are Raceline RLS's 15", the only 3 stud 15" wheel currently available.

Hammer and angle grinder no, the arch lips just need rolling flat up against the quarter panel / wing and then covering in seam sealer to prevent them rotting out. A decent bodyshop will do this for less than £100.

Phone someone like Demon tweeks and they will confirm that 15" wheels fitted to this car (which has AX running gear) will give clearance problems.

Handling is'nt a consideration, he wants the car to look nice.

On a different note it would be well worth getting someone to check the rear brake shoes on this car as they are well known for the friction material falling off and locking the rear wheels
Rubbing tyres - Citroen Saxo - stuartl
Quote>>>>>>>>Just because lots of people do something doesnt mean that it is right.

Dead Right.

The fact remains that you are asked on inception of motor insurance if your car has been modified from standard. Whether the mods are visible such as wheels or invisible, ie a chip in the ecu is irrellevant. If you mod the car during the period of insurance you also have to inform your insurers. Simple as that.
Whether your premium rises or not doesn't matter but they must be told.

Sorry Simon, your advice is plain stupid and only a fool would do as you suggest.
Rubbing tyres - Citroen Saxo - Armitage Shanks {p}
Jusy come to this thread and 'skimmed' thru it. If closure has got these wheels on his car, he goes out on the road in it and his insurance company do not know (whether they actually care or not) then Closure is technically uninsured from that moment SFAIK. To say that he won't tell his insurers becuase he doesn't know if he will keep the wheels is very very unwise. He is giving them a 100% dead cert opening to avoid paying any claim. I think his 3rd party cover would be OK but his personal loss, injuries and those of any passengers would be declined SFAIK. Get on the phone or stay off the road!
Rubbing tyres - Citroen Saxo - Closure
Dont worry about insurance I will tell them, im one for spending money to save money.
My insurance company is closed till 27th, so I will keep driving to a low.
Also for the main point of this post is about the tyres rubbing, and whether it wil be worth it to do it myself or get a professional to do something I can do.
Also no-one think jacking up the car so its off the floor for 20 minutes wont do anything?

Rubbing tyres - Citroen Saxo - bell boy
quote...........Also no-one think jacking up the car so its off the floor for 20 minutes wont do anything...........................unquote
>>>>>>>>>> no it wont do any good
can i suggest you enquire at your local tech college if they have a night school basic mechanics course?
if there is you will meet like minded car enthuisiasts and your tutor may well show you how to roll your lips (no pun intended)
Rubbing tyres - Citroen Saxo - LeePower
Jacking the car up for 20 minutes wont do nothing to fix the problem.

I still reckon you have a rear torsion beam trailing arm bearing issue.
Rubbing tyres - Citroen Saxo - Closure
Sorry im a young web designer, I have no time to go for evening courses as I attend college, work and my own websie business.
Can anyone explain the process step by step and I will do when I arrive at my fathers.

Rubbing tyres - Citroen Saxo - Closure
Leepower explain what that is to me.
Thank you.

Rubbing tyres - Citroen Saxo - 45 litre

Non worthy contribution to this thread removed.

DD. BR Moderator.
Rubbing tyres - Citroen Saxo - Closure
Thank you, DD. BR Moderator.
Rubbing tyres - Citroen Saxo - 45 litre
8< SNIP again -

Bye. DD.
Rubbing tyres - Citroen Saxo - John Doe
Maunfacturers spend thousands developing cars
dont you think they put the original size wheels on it for a certian reason?
Rubbing tyres - Citroen Saxo - Closure
Of course, but this thread is here to find a problem for me so I can keep the wheels on.
Rubbing tyres - Citroen Saxo - WVM2
have you actually found where the tyre is rubbing? whip the wheel off and it should be obvious - the dirt will have been polished off, as may some of the paint / underseal. this may halp you choose your remedy -

*if it's the arch, have it rolled (or attack with the grinder)
*if it's something structural then it's either different wheels or wheel spacers, depending what it's hitting

you get the idea?
Rubbing tyres - Citroen Saxo - John Doe
Rubbing tyres - Citroen Saxo - Armitage Shanks {p}
Posted link is 'dead' JD
Rubbing tyres - Citroen Saxo - WVM2

i think that is the page my friend was referring to....
Rubbing tyres - Citroen Saxo - stuartl
I thinks its an age thing. When I was in my early stages of motoring I would have liked to 'pimp my ride' but now I am the opposite.
I bought an x-reg Astra estate from ebay that was pictured with huge aftermarket alloys.
Before bidding I asked if he had the correct wheels for the car which he thankfully did and I bought the car with the right (steel) wheels. To cut a very long story short, I sold the car four months later and have since seen it around with, yes, you've guessed it, huge aftermarket alloys.............

It's a matter of taste I guess.

( Just to add to the argument, I now drive a BMW 318i with huge but ORIGINAL BMW alloys.)

Rubbing tyres - Citroen Saxo - WVM2
I thinks its an age thing. When I was in my
early stages of motoring I would have liked to 'pimp my
ride' but now I am the opposite.

exactly what's not happening to me :LOL:

when i was 18 i drove a completely stock astra merit. it was slow, basic and ugly. each of my cars has been progressively less stock, to the point i'm at now. 11 years on, my current motor has got very few stock parts on it. ranging from different wheels (set of alloys with tyres from dear old fleabay was cheaper than 4 new tyres) to "breathed on" engine, different fuel type, uprated and lowered suspension, higher spec interior, towbar (!) and a slightly freer flowing stainless exhaust. all declared to my friendly local insurance company and covered full comp for only £140 =) i guess getting older does have some perks...
Rubbing tyres - Citroen Saxo - Closure
You have really got to wonder about that person who posted that topic on the other forum site.
I think that out of site URL should be removed, and his IP banned from registering to the site.

Rubbing tyres - Citroen Saxo - Number_Cruncher
If the wheel / tyre combination you are using isn't standard, then you must inform your insurer.

In order to check, and to satisy yourself, that the installation is safe, the only way to check is to dismantle the suspension, remove the spring, and then check the clearance between the wheel and body in all positions between full bounce, and full rebound. For the front suspension, this should also be done for all possible steering positions.

As a start, I would hope to always have at least 30 - 35 mm clearance (this accounts for suspension bush deflection under load, and possible foreign objects). You may find that you need to roll the lips of the wheel arch and/or add wheel spacers.

If you need to add wheel spacers, you should check that the wheel remains within the arch when viewed from the front or rear of the vehicle. If it does not, then your installation does not comply with Construction & Use regulations. As Yorkiebar mentioned above, fitting spacers puts extra load on the wheel bearings - keep a regular check on them.

This checking and adjusting will take lot of time, but it is the only way that you can gain sufficient confidence in your installation on your car.

If you find that one side is OK, and the other fouls, then you may have some damage to either the suspension or body which should be rectified before you continue.

As mentioned above, jacking your car up for a while does nothing - the idea of suspension is to allow deflection, and then return to the right position.

I also agree with the view stated above that you are likely to make your car steer and handle worse by your modifications.

Having said all this, you are dealing with a Saxo - is it really worth it?

Rubbing tyres - Citroen Saxo - Number_Cruncher
Sorry, there's more!

If you fit spacers, then, it's possible that the centre location of the wheel to the hub may not be right, and you might find it difficult to fit the wheel properly, which will result in vibration at speed.

Also, the length of engagement of the wheelnuts on the studs, or of the wheel bolts in the hub may be dangerously compromised.

In short, a can of worms!


Rubbing tyres - Citroen Saxo - Closure
Thats the kind of advice I was looking for Number_Cruncher, thank you.
My rear wheels are in the body well, I would say that its touch my wheel by amount a 2mm as there is hardly any damage on the wheel as of now, and I have been driving around with the tyres for about 4 days.

Rubbing tyres - Citroen Saxo - Armitage Shanks {p}
You have only been here a week! Do we care what you think? Stick to worrying about your rubbing wheels and your insurance I suggest.
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Armitage Shanks, I have only been here a week and I have more respect for this site than you do by the looks of it.
Rubbing tyres - Citroen Saxo - Armitage Shanks {p}
I think not closure. You have turned up, asked questions, picked our brains and got some good answers, and told us what you think should and shouldn't be done here. You haven't contributed anything yet. Respect doesn't come into it and in any event it has to be earned. You aren't there -yet!
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I'm a bit interested in the suggestion that jacking up the car for a time might result in a better ride height.
So far it's been dismissed as fantasy, but the fact is that if all of the relevant suspension bushes are loosened, and the car then jacked up - using the chassis as a jacking point, the suspension bushes will settle into a new position. When tightened in this position, the elastic properties of the bushes will tend to seperate the body from the suspension. Not by much though. And the bushes will be overstressed in such a way that early failure will occur.
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Suggest you put your standard wheels back on, or don't drive it until the 27th then....Aside from insurance your car isn't safe to drive in its present condition....Sounds to me like you've got suspension problems.....

About 5 years ago, I had a Vauxhall, it needed some new tyres, anyway I got offered a s/h set of Vauxhall alloys for pennies, phoned my insurance company first...They told me if I fitted any alloys to my car, then they wouldn't be able to offer me cover..So you've been warned...
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Well im looking forward to the conversation with my insurance company, They seem alright I asked them if I can upgrade to a VTR with modifications like alloys and they said yes that is fine but your cover will go up by £52 a month.

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Yes but a doesn't a VTR have alloys as standard, that fit the car with no problems?
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No these are aftermarket, none standard alloys. But yes I get your point.

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Sorry I ment on the VTR I was talking about were "ftermarket, none standard alloys. But yes I get your point."
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As this thread has become more of a general discussion, and a lot of the content has steered away from the technical aspect, as some point on Sunday it will be moved across to the discussion side of the forum.

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a thought occurs:

insurance companies always ask if a car is fitted with "alloy wheels"

steel is an alloy of iron and carbon

show me a car that DOESN'T have alloy wheels =p
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Yes but alloy wheels fitted as standard/original are designed with looks AND handling in mind.

Bolting any old size/style of wheels and tyres can have the opposite effect!

I take your point about most cars being fitted with them though! My Combo Van has some ebay fake Vauxhall wheel trims to cover the steel wheels : o ). (A lot less expensive when my wife kerbs it !!!)
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Simon - refused insurance claims aren't as rare as youy may think, I know someone who lost his 2 year old car as he "forgot" to tell his insurers about a K&N air filter that he'd added, they refused his claim when he crashed. Closure is doing exactly the right thing by telling them, for peace of mind if nothing else!

Closure - Good luck getting everything sorted!

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"My insurance company is closed till 27th, so I will keep driving to a low."

He hasn't told them AND he is driving it - not clever and no respect for the law!

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Its christmas and I want to see my family. I have no option but to drive there.
My insurance company never actually asked me if I had any modifications which I found weird. I did it online, and they usual say state any modifications from standard.

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Its christmas and I want to see my family. I have
no option but to drive there.

Couldn't you have just refitted the original wheels and tyres until you get things sorted with your insurance company and wheel arches?
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I would but its christmas and places are closed.
Im going to see what me and dad can do today with the wheel arches.

Rubbing tyres - Citroen Saxo - Dynamic Dave
I would but its christmas and places are closed.


Forgive me for stating the obvious, but what is wrong with using the wheel brace and jack that was supplied with the car and swapping the wheels back yourself?
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>>My insurance company is closed till 27th, so I will keep driving to a low

keeping driving to a low is still driving without insurance cover

1. You're not listening to the advice you are being given.
2. Options; a) put correct (original wheels back on), b) don't drive

quite aside from that I run my 106 on its original wheels and tyres, it may not look cool, but roadholding is fine, and four new tyres cost me £110 fitted, I imagine you can at least double that for low profile tyres

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