X Type Vs Volvo S60 - Cheeky
Probably looking to buy a used (6-18 month) version of a Jag X type 2.5 or 3.0 SE or Volvo S60 2.0 or 2.4 T. Auto preferred, petrol not diesel.
I have done a bit of research and looked at HJ's car breakdown, however, would any experienced back roomers have any personal opinions on which to go for? I'd be grateful to hear your comments - as critical as you like.

X Type Vs Volvo S60 - Nickdm
On the face of it these are 2 similar-sized and specc'd cars, so comparison should be interesting.

Never driven the Jag, but by now you'll have heard the habitual "it's just a Mondeo in drag" comments that might put you off ownership. What is the dealer network like where you live? I guess there should be plenty of used ones around seeing as they are pretty unloved?

The Volvo was an all-new car in 2001. The petrol/automatic combo seems to be pretty reliable, performance is close to 140mph. It gets my vote!
X Type Vs Volvo S60 - Westpig
I'd have the Jag any day......well put together, the leather and wood looks classy, fair bit of kit for the price

The "Mondeo in drag comments" only show people's ignorance, they are not at all alike..... they share the same floorpan and there are a number of other Ford components in the system...... not only that the Mondeo is a really good car anyway, just a bit plasticky, (which the Jag isn't).. but no worse than any other car of that price.....it's like calling the S Type a 'Lincoln' which would be equally absurd .....does anyone berate Lexus for being a Toyota? What would be the point if they did?

SWMBO has an X Type estate, 18 months old (albeit 2.0 diesel) and i have an S Type 3.0 (7 years old).......both have been damned good cars....the V6 engine is spot on

X Type Vs Volvo S60 - Cyd
Volvo have been able to keep the Ford Medlers more at arms length than Jag did when they were doing the X400 (X type). If you plump for the Jag (a better car to drive) rather than the Volvo (roomier) then make sure you buy from a dealer and that you get the balance of the warranty. Keep up the Jag service history and consider trading it in when the warranty has run out. The X400 has never sold in the numbers Jag hoped and won't be replaced (its life has instead been extended to 2009); as a result I'd say the Volvo will hold its value better.
X Type Vs Volvo S60 - BazzaBear {P}
I'm considering this type of car for some time next year, although it's the Jag S-type 3 litre, and the Volvo S60R I'm comparing.
My preference is definitely with the Volvo at the moment, but I'm yet to test drive either, and obviously that could massively change my opinion.
X Type Vs Volvo S60 - Marc
The S60 has a relatively small boot with a high sill - you have to "post" your luggage. Low ceiling for rear seat passengers. I also found the high centre console/transmission tunnel a bit close which made the drivers area seem claustrophobic. Great styling but very colour dependent IMO. Manual gearchange on 2.0T a bit rubbery and vague. Needed to get SE spec for leather and 17" alloys.

X Type seemed nicely put together with a lot of feelgood factor - especially with champagne leather and wood. It's a lot more than a "Mondeo in drag" as some people say - having personally owned a Mondeo 3. Main dealers knew how to charge for nice, low mileage, top spec (ie SE) cars. Friendly, marque enthusiastic dealer. From what I read early models had lots of teething problems but these should have been ironed out by now presumably.

Both of these cars rather expensive to service at main dealers.

I looked in detail at both of these cars in 2003 when I changed my car last, I ultimately plumped for a 4 month old Vectra 2.0T SRi - make of that what you will...
X Type Vs Volvo S60 - Westpig
The X400 has never sold in the numbers Jag hoped and won't be replaced (its life has instead been extended to 2009); as a result I'd say the Volvo will hold its value better.

my Jag magazine 'Jaguar World Monthly' thinks the X type will continue, read an article about it last month
X Type Vs Volvo S60 - peterb
I've test driven both and they're both fine cars. Of the two I preferred the Jag's handling and cabin ambience. They'rs also something nice about the sound and smoothness of a petrol V6.
X Type Vs Volvo S60 - Slightlyfatdirector
As an S60 owner I can see both sides and the final decision can only be taken after driving them both.

Mine is a D5 and these are by far the most common version on the roads. I would love to sway you to the diesel as the engine has soooo much grunt, but I appreciate you are probably a petrol head. Worth a try though and you will have a bigger selection to chose from. The 2.0T is seen now and again as the price on this new was always low. I have only seen three or four 2.4T's. Most of the models you will see are SE spec but the S is very well kitted out.

I am a six footer and found the X type very claustrophobic wheras the S60 is very spacious. The boot on the S60 is large (450 Litres) but is a bit of a 'post box' opening. The seats in the S60 are superb (won the best seats in an Auto Express vote a while ago). The kit list of standard equipment on the Volvo is very, very generous and the sound system is amazing. Quality is good as is fit and finish, better IMHO than the Jag.

The ride is a little harsh on the S60 and the suspension is not as fast to react to bumps as the Jag, and the Jag may well have 4 wheel drive depending on the engine you go for. But the Volvo is certainly not bad in this regard. I went from a Mondeo to the Volvo and all I felt was the ride and handling was not quite as good, but not far off.

The Volvo is a rare site on the roads compared with the Jag and I like the fact that I am being a bit different. The styling of the Volvo I really like. Servicing on both is likely to be pricy but all Volvo dealers I have dealt with have been very good.

Nearly new prices on the Volvo may be lower and residuals are not good but then it depends on how long you keep it for and what mileage you will be doing. I got a huge discount on mine from new which removed the depreciation for a year. I have done 50,000 miles in mine in 18 months and it has not missed a beat, is reliable, still immaculate and drives like new.

Hope this is helpful.

X Type Vs Volvo S60 - Cheeky
All hugely helpful. Many thanks. I have seen both these cars, however have yet to drive them so that will be the deciding factor no doubt.
Interestingly, both seem a similar price used model for model, however I am liking the idea of 4WD in the Jag V6 versions.
X Type Vs Volvo S60 - BB
If you do go for the 2.5 or 3.0 litre 4wd, make sure that the diff is ok. (4wd not available in 2.0 V6)

Best thing to do is drive both cars. You may not like one.
X Type Vs Volvo S60 - Slightlyfatdirector
What you might find interesting is seeing if you can pick up a new Volvo for less than a 6 month / 12 month old one......

Haggle hard in the dealers, and I mean really hard. Choose a few dealers to speak with and preferably leave it towrds the end of month when they have targets to meet. When I bought mine I lived in Wiltshire but bought and collected mine from Wakefield.

Once you have negotiated a good discount you can get an extra 7.5% off an S60 + free metalic paint if you first become a member of the Volvo Owners Club. Copy and paste this address into your browser for more info:


Below you will see the discounts available which are in addition to any discount you get from the dealer:-

S40 2% + free servicing package + free metallic paint.
V50 2% + free servicing package + free metallic paint.
C30 Free servicing plan + free metallic paint.
C70 Free Servicing plan + free metallic paint.
XC90 Free servicing plan.
S80 2% + free metallic paint.
V70, XC70, S60 7.5% + free metallic paint.

You also get to choose the model you want with the colour, interior, engine and spec you are after. It will definately be the latest model as well as the S60 has just had a very minor face-lift.

Food for thought?

X Type Vs Volvo S60 - Cheeky
Yes indeed -- all very good to know thanks. I'm booking a test drive with Jag early in the new year -- they haven't got any V6 autos in so am waiting for that, I'll also be investigating the S60 in the same way. I sat in one in the showroom,( an SE) and was immediately struck by how comfortable and smart it was. Only major drawback was terrible rear legroom. Boot seemed good though, and we only have a 1yr old toddler.

The discounts sound superb. If I go with the Volvo in the end, I'll join the owners club before placing the order!!

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