The irony of it... - FP
Now, since it's the time of year to have a laugh at ex-English teachers, here's one for all of you who remember being taught about irony in your literature lessons.

On my way between here (Hemel Hempstead) and my girlfriend's house near Oundle a week ago last Saturday, I was using the "scenic" route that consists, roughly, of M1, Olney, Wellingborough, Thrapston. As I left the latter, heading north, I noticed a mobile speed camera van parked on the verge on my right, back towards south-bound traffic. I'm normally pretty comfortable about obeying speed limits and my first thought was for the unfortunate guy hurtling south towards me and the camera. So, in a spirit of generosity (and ignoring the possible legal implications of my action) I flashed my headlamps at him in good French fashion.

Bless his soul, he had already twigged what was happening and gave me a wave of gratitude. I drove on, self-satisfied with my generosity. It was a lovely weekend.

A couple of days ago I received a Notice of Intended Prosecution. Exceeding 40 mph (Vehicle Speed 46 mph).

Happy Christmas to one and all!
The irony of it... - BazzaBear {P}
Is that irony, or is it coincidence? I've never been entirely sure every since that Alanis Morissette song confused me. ;)
The irony of it... - PhilW
"Is that irony, or is it coincidence?"

Neither -it's just deserts! (Got it right this time!)
The irony of it... - stevied
Just desserts, even. : )
The irony of it... - Clanger
Hard luck. I welcome any communication from other drivers warning of eg fallen trees, livestock in the road, an accident ahead, flood, or speed traps.

There is often a policeman with a speed gun to be found on the B6271aproaching Richmond and I used to flash to warn oncoming drivers to keep their speed down. Some of them return the warning with a flash, facing the policeman. Thank very much! Daft or what?
Stranger in a strange land
The irony of it... - BazzaBear {P}
Some of them return the warning with a flash,

That's probably a "who the hell are you flashing at, matey?!?" flash.
The irony of it... - Navara Van man
I will always warn drivers of a speed trap, if they chose to slow down sensibly this is surely of benifit of other road users as speed cameras are suposedly used in acident black spots so an advanced warning can only help to lower speed before the hazard.

I couldnt give a monkeys what the police think of it, same for overtaking a patrol car if they are traveling under the limit or at say 70 on the motorway. I feel my driving style is safe so i feel no need to change it when i see the police.

if you have ever warned me then thank you.
The irony of it... - Simon
I have noticed that the concept of flashing other drivers to warn them of speed traps seems to have fallen by the wayside. Maybe this is because speed traps (in the form of camera vans) are so much more common and people just don't seem to bother so much now. Everywhere you go your speed is being checked by some device or other, its just the norm rather than a rarity now.
The irony of it... - Avant
"Alanis Morrissette"

Sounds a little underpowered, with a puny side-valve engine. If she puts on weight she can change her name to Morrisminor.
The irony of it... - Robin Reliant
I often flash oncoming drivers "to warn them of my prescence" as it says in the Highway Code. And if I don't like the car they are driving, I give them a thumbs down at the same time...
The irony of it... - mike hannon
The tradition seems alive and well in France.

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