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apologies if this information is elswhere on the site but

Is a dealer obliged to give some sort of warranty on a used car he sells - I am thinking of buying a cheap(ish) car for about £2.5k - the car is 6 years old and the dealer has said that he will provide a 30 day 1000mile warranty.

thanks in advance for any info.
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Think the law changed with regard to car dealers in the last year or two. Call your trading standards and they will bring you up to date.

Think it's along the lines that if anything major goes wrong in a 'reasonable' time, it's down to the dealer to prove he didn't know he'd sold the car in that condition.

If it's important to you, could you get an AA or RAC check done? Better money spent avoiding a lemon as opposed to sorting out one after you've paid out for it....and maybe not even being able to drive it whilst the dispute rumbles on.

Good luck - perhaps there's a legal expert out there who can help more....
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My son bought a used car only last week - a 2000w for £2495. He was given a 6 month warranty, which surprised me as I thought he would only get 3 months.
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Last month I got a £1400, 96k miler and it came with a 3 month/3k mile warranty.
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If the dealer isn't too keen to offer what is legally expected - the 6months is more appropriate - maybe he's not the guy to 'deal' with.

You can always cllik the RELIABILITY INDEX link above & buy your own warranty, too remember - plus they've extra special deals on offer just now!


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