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Maybe worth checking if yours was missed in the recalls hi-lighted above.
Not So Perfect Japanese - dylan
I got the recall notice for my Yaris last week.

The thing I find strange is that they're doing this as a free repair on 5-year-old cars, given the nature of the fault. It seems other cars have much more serious design flaws are never the result of a recall. Would Toyota have been forced into the recall because of some safety issue (that's not obvious from the description of the problem), or is this just decent customer care?

I'm slightly torn between being irritated by having to get the work done, and impressed that they're sorting it out for free on a relatively old car. Leaning towards the latter at the moment.

BTW This is the second recall on my Yaris in the five years I've had it, so no Japanese cars are not perfect. On the other hand it's never actually had any sort of fault or problem during its 64000 miles, and maintenance has been minimal (still on the original brake pads, for example). So I'm not losing my faith in the Japanese just yet.
Not So Perfect Japanese - Aprilia
I don't think any sensible person would ever say Japanese cars were perfect. All cars have thousands of critical parts and sometimes they break or wear out prematurely and the car breaks down and needs fixing. Its just that this tends to happen less frequently with Japanese brands than with most non-Japanese brands. They still get it wrong sometimes though (Micra throttle bodies, Mitsubish Stepper motors, Toyota rads, Suzuki cylinder heads, Almera headlights...)
Not So Perfect Japanese - Sprice
You're right about the stepper motors on Mitsus (along with distributors!), a list of common failures on most makes is on the BBA-reman website.

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