Peugeot 306 valve compression - tshirt
I currently own a Peugeot 306 Meridian 1.8 16v which will not start.
A local mechanic has looked at it and says all valves have lost compression and he needs to take some of the engine apart to find the cause. This alone is going to cost £200 to £300.

Could anyone give me advice on a likely cause and costs?
Peugeot 306 valve compression - Peter D
All the valves have lost compression. No I don't think so all cylinders have lost compression possibly but not valves. Did he give you a measured comprssion figure and if so what. Last onw like this was a cam belt having jumped a load of teeth after driving through floor water and contaminating the belt with grit and muddy water. Regards Peter
Peugeot 306 valve compression - tshirt
Thanks Peter.
The measured figure was 30, sorry I do not know the measurement unit. He said it needed at least 60 to start. Usually it should be around 150.
The cam belt was replaced in October during the 10k mile full service.
Peugeot 306 valve compression - DP
What were the circumstances behind the breakdown? Did it cut out and refuse to restart, or did it just not start one morning? Did it run rough or was there any other unusual behaviour or noises in the run up to the breakdown?

I agree with Peter, if it's lost all compression on all cylinders, it's highly likely to be valve timing related.

Some background info might help though.

Peugeot 306 valve compression - tshirt
The car was running fine with no problems. There was no indication of any fault or something that wasn't quite right. No visible signs and no noises.
The next morning it would just not start. It turns over and all accessories work.
During the last full service in October the cam belt was changed for the second time in the cars history.
The car is not used a great deal, mainly short trips. Never had a problem until now. The car has a good history and has had major services carried out by Peugeot. Current milage is 82k.
Hope that helps.
Peugeot 306 valve compression - Peter D
When you said 1.8 I assumed petrol but compression at 30 atmospheres i.e. 450 psi is diesel territory. Carify please. Regards Peter
Peugeot 306 valve compression - tshirt
It is a 1.8 16valve Petrol engine.
I cant be exact about the measurements unfortunately.
The compression in the cylinders was well below what it should have been to even start the car.
Peugeot 306 valve compression - jc2
30 psi.???.Normally 150-180 would be expected.
Peugeot 306 valve compression - Peter D
As I thought a petrol engine. 30 psi is incredibly low and all overnight. Either the cam belt has jumped or even broken at start up and the valves are bent this little complession, however all four cylinders, not likely. Cam belt and optical inspection through pulg holes should confirm. Regards Peter
Peugeot 306 valve compression - Peter D
Tshirt. Is it fixed yet and what was the problem. Regards Peter
Peugeot 306 valve compression - tshirt
The AA managed to start it by towing. I was able to drive the rest of the way to the mechanics. He could not find anything wrong with it. All tests were successful and the compression was back to 150spi. The only thing was that the plugs were very black. He has now replaced these. It does start first time but not as confidently as before. When idle it does feel as though it will stall. Also this mornign when in theird gear it started to jump almost as though I was in the wrong gear. Any ideas? Regards.
Peugeot 306 valve compression - thomp1983
sounds like the latest lot of problems are a duff idle control valve


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