Garmin Nuvi 310D versus C510D Deluxe! - AndyBSE
I'm a first time buyer of Sat Nav and would appreciate some advice please about 2 Garmin products which Halfords have currently got on offer at what appears to be incredible value.

Can anyone please offer any words of wisdom about the above products.............or should I be looking at alternative products entirely?

Apparently the C510D Deluxe is exclusive to Halfords, and is also on further special offer as Free live traffic re-routing is also included!

The only other feature I'm looking for is Safety Camera Detection as well (both fixed and mobile ones), but I guess I'll either have to buy a seperate product, or pay more for a combined model.

Ideally I don't wish to spend more than £200, which is why the C 510D Deluxe at £199-99 is so appealing!!

Many thanks in advance!!

Garmin Nuvi 310D versus C510D Deluxe! - Dipstick
Just been through the same thing Andy - I bought a C510D for £250 three weeks back. It failed within three days - locked up solid. So you might think this is a bad unit - but I have to say it's simply cracking, as a medium level satnav.

I put it down to bad luck and swapped it for another. In the meantime the price had tumbled to the £199 you mention so I got a new unit and £50 back. Good for Halfords.

It failed again - so I swapped it once more, the unit is that good for the money. It's the cheapest by far on the market at the minute that offers free traffic prediction by radio and auto-rerouting. Mind you, another failure and it's ditch time for me.

As to Nuvi/Streetpilot, they're basically the same satnav unit. The software is the same. The nuvi can offer:

A smaller case
A different (apparently less reliable) traffic unit which is at extra cost too.
Mp3 amd photo stuff

Obviously you have to decide whether those are worth buying. For me they were not. Streetpilot traffic (around Cambridge) works a dream every time for me - much better than my previous Sony unit at double the money. (I cracked the screen on that and it's not economic to repair, so I must get around to putting it on the bay for spares).

Streetpilot comes preloaded with camera database, or you can download the pocketgpsworld one for a couple of quid. Warnings work very well indeed. It's not a detector though, if that's what you actually meant?
Garmin Nuvi 310D versus C510D Deluxe! - colinh
If you go to this website you can get a direct comparison of the features (not the D versions):

The main benefit of the nuvi appears to be portability

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