Punto rear suspension creak - Halmer
My wife's 2004 Punto has developed a creak on the nearside rear suspension. The main dealer has found nothing wrong with the car.

I've just done three things: -

1. Squirted WD40 over the rear suspension spring and its fixings.
2. Squirted WD40 at the top and bottom of the shocker.
3. Put a bit a Vaseline at the top of the rubber mounting that strikes the underneath of the bodywork.

The creak has now gone (like it did when I did the same thing two months ago)

Could anyone tell me which on is the likely culprit please and is this normal (to have to lie under the car every two months and do this)?
Punto rear suspension creak - Halmer
Just found this via Google: =

Re: Fiat finally concede, but not totally
The creaking suspension is easy to sort mate just squirt some silcone lubricant on the top mount bushes, which you can do yourself.

Where are the top mount bushes please?????
Punto rear suspension creak - yorkiebar
Simple answer 1

Its the rubber bits at the top of the shock absorber where the shock is bolted to the body. you must have sprayed them already !
Punto rear suspension creak - Halmer
What about question 4 yb?

Have I got to lie under the thing six times a year and spray WD40??!!
Punto rear suspension creak - yorkiebar
Probably yes is the best answer I can give you.

If you can get enough silicone into the right area, you might stretch it to 12 months !

sorry !
Punto rear suspension creak - Halmer

I'll get me torch.
Punto rear suspension creak - Reggie
Also look at where the handbrake cable is carried on the lower supension at the rear. On my sons this was causing the squeak. I can't remember exactly what we did now, but we either loosened the fixing up or wrapped some insulating tape around it. I'm sorry but I can't remember now, and I can't pop out and have a look as he lives away. I just thought you should be aware of this as a possible cause.

To check, lay under the car, and get someone to bounce the car up and down gently, and support/ move the cable slightly and see if this stops it.
Punto rear suspension creak - Halmer
Ta Reg
Punto rear suspension creak - martint123
Your WD40 will rot rubber bushes. Use the Silicone grease as suggested which is non-rotting to rubber. It is also a lot thincker and won't wash out like WD40 does.
Punto rear suspension creak - Dynamic Dave
Your WD40 will rot rubber bushes.

If that were the case, then how come it suggests in the 2000 uses list that it can be used on rubber?


Cleans and protects rubber boots of drive axles on front-wheel drive vehicles
Lubricates rubber wiring grommets to ease installation into fenders/firewalls
Lubricates rubber bushing
Spray aging rubber grommets to eliminate squeaks
Protects rubber gasket around the sunroof
Keeps rubber door weather gaskets soft and pliable

Punto rear suspension creak - Halmer
For how long we'll keep the car it doesn't really matter to me if it rots the bushes or not.

I used to spray old engine oil under me old Ford Escort so God knows what that did to me bushes!!


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