Why don't I just do it? - Colin Standing
The saliva was running down my old jumper as I read all the threads under 'old cheap + fast'.
I go back to the last one - the only time you lucky young lads on here will see a Wolseley 6/110 is on 1960s police black and white films. Oh the memories e.g. standing at the lights watching the bonnet rust; feeling the road with the accelerator pedal still attached to a square foot of floor. But what value for money. Why, for donkeys years, have I sat behind the wheel of a boring new(ish) mass produced bean can when I read about the exotic monsters you lads are driving.
There's a Honda Legend in the car lot not a half mile from me M reg. Reminds me of an ad for P&O cruises. Daren't tell my wife. Do you think she'd notice if I bought it and stuck it behind the Megane?

Cheers Grandad Colin
Re: Why don't I just do it? - John Slaughter

Crikey - cheer up! We aren't all young lads on here you know, even if we apparently sound like it. I can remember Wolseley 6/110's first time round, (but I was too young to drive then). The secret is to at least sound like a lad, even if you're not.

Why not ditch the Scenic, and get something sporty. Follow my example. People kept saying 'I bet you'll buy an estate car when your daughter's off to university'. Oh no - we bought a BMW Coupe - I'll hire a van for the uni trips!



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