Renault Megane - 1997- electrical fault - spartan
Can anybody possibly help please.
about a months ago my girls megane indicators started playing up,working,then stopping intermittently.
Now they work but as soon as you hit the brakes they stop !!
She has admitted to "swopping a few fuses around" but i couldn't get to teh bottom of it and everything else seems to work okay.
despairing so if anybody has any help i'd be very grateful
thank you
Renault Megane - 1997- electrical fault - Collos25
Sounds to me like an earthing problem in one of the light fitting connections,when you put the brakes on it is earthing the indicator cable a process of carefull looking at all cable entry points for starters.
Renault Megane - 1997- electrical fault - petrolheadnomore
I have a 1998 Megane which started exhibiting very similar systems - when indicating right the high-intensity rear light on that side started flashing as well (along with the dashboard warning light), braking stopped the indicators etc. It was going in for a service so got the dealer to look at it. Traced to a faulty circuit board - the one the rear bulbs all plug into. Being a dealer they replaced both sides plus the terminals that plug into them - with labour at around £80 an hour that came to £120 all in. The parts themselves are cheap - less than a tenner inc VAT for the boards as I recall, so I would suggest buying one (or even both sides if the fault occurs on both indicators) and fitting them yourself - dead easy - and seeing if that fixes the problem.

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