Vectra Wipers - Chris M
The wiper linkage on my 2001 Vectra has started to make a slight graunching noise. There is also a little bit of free play there. Do any Backroomers know if there is a particular bush/linkage/whatever that typically wears?
With the dark evenings, the only time I can look at it will be at the weekend. I would prefer to already have the spares to hand, rather than dismantling and then off to Vx spares dept.

Chris M
Vectra Wipers - Dry bearings
I had smilar trouble with a Ford Escort years ago,The passenger side wiper ball joint connection was trapping water and eventually washed the grease out of
the cup.Although it was red rust I applied some grease and it was ok after that.
Don't know if would solve your problem.Things are not as accessable as they used to be.
Vectra Wipers - Ruperts Trooper
I've not changed the wiper mechanism on a Vectra, but on a both Nova and Cavalier, it was easier to get the complete linkage from a scrapyard and replace all of it!
Vectra Wipers - Chris M
Thanks for the comments.

The Vectra wipers are fairly easy to get at and I was wondering about a visit to the scrapyard. Depends largely on whether the linkage is available as individual parts or comes as a complete unit at many £££.

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