Toyota Yaris 2003 - Servicing - VR6
I?ve just taken my dads Yaris 1.0 (54 plate) to have its 2 year service. Its only done 10k miles.

The service book states that the oil/filter need changing, and that the brake fluid should be changed every 2 years (i.e. now).

Speaking to the service manager at the approved Toyota service centre, he said that as the mileage is so low, he will check the brake fluid and not change it if its ok.

The price quoted for the service was £143, but he said this morning that the brake fluid change, if required, would be extra (even though the service schedule says to change it)

Should I insist that the brake fluid is changed? Will not changing the brake fluid effect the Toyota warranty? And if it needs doing should I pay the extra over the quoted price?

Toyota Yaris 2003 - Servicing - Petrol-Head
Not having the brake fluid changed will not invalidate your warranty, if you get the service booked stamped then they have approved all the work and stamped it. £143 seems a lot for an oil/filter change do they do the spark plugs and air filter for that as well ? The brake fluid work would be extra, it's only a recomendation to change it.
Mind you they do change £80 an hour or so...thats why i do it myself.
You can ask then to do if you like but you will have to pay for it as it's not part of the service, nowadays i don't even think they adjust the handbrake at services !

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