MoT Failure - pmh
Regular readers may recognise the car (no,not mine!)
Citroen Xantia 1.9TD estate
Spares or repair.
MoT failure (mainly on hydraulics).
Sound engine and gearbox.
No rust.

£250ono, buyer collects.

Reason(s) for refusal to issue Certificate
Nearside Front headlamp not working on dipped beam (1.2.4a)
Both front windscreen wiper does not clear the windscreen effectively (8.2.2)
Rear registration plate deteriorated (6.3.1d)
Indicator switch insecure (1.5.A2)
Offside Front shock absorber has a serious fluid leak (2.7.3) **DANGEROUS**
Both front shock absorber has negligible damping effect (2.7.5) **DANGEROUS**
Rear centre seat belt retracting mechanism defective (5.1.B.5b)
Back box exhaust system has a major leak of exhaust gases (7.1.2a)
Cat centre silencer exhaust system has a major leak of exhaust gases (7.1.2a) **DANGEROUS**
Both front brake hose excessively deteriorated (3.6.B.4d) **DANGEROUS**
Service brake efficiency below requirements (3.7.A.8) **DANGEROUS**
Parking brake efficiency below requirements (3.7.A.9/10) **DANGEROUS**
Rear suspension has inadequate clearance with the bump stop (2.4.A.1)
Rear suspension has inadequate clearance with the chassis (2.4.A.1) **DANGEROUS**
Rear suspension weakened allowing body or other component to foul a road wheel or would do so if laden (2.4.A.1)
Both front headlamp aim too high (1.6)
No Advisory Notice issued

This raises some interesting points if they allowed it to be driven away!

Does the Xantia have a full hydraulic system like the BX or is a partial system? If the former I also wonder about the testers knowledge of the hydraulic suspension on an Xantia and some of the reasons for failure.

pmh (was peter)

MoT Failure - teabelly
Xantia is fully hydraulic. Probably spheres are all knackered or the guy dropped it off in low mode and the tester didn't realise that wasn't the normal ride height. If the spheres were fooped then it would make it even worse. If the brakes all failed then that suggests that the hydraulic pumpy thing which keeps the whole system pressured is either dead or there just isn't sufficient fluid. Can't remember whether there is more than one pump though as it seems dangerous to trust the whole of the suspension and brakes to one pump and one circuit. There must be some isolation on there.

It's an impressive list....
MoT Failure - pmh
If it is like the BX ,it relies on the weight of the car to pressurise the brake hydraulic circuit. ie the pressure applied to the brake pedal has NOTHING to do with the pressure applied to the brake pads (other then turning on or off)l! It also takes the pressure from the rear suspension, giving antidive characteristics.


pmh (was peter)

MoT Failure - Collos25
What do they mean by shock absorbers seeing it does not have any as such the rear having two suspension spheres and one central sphere.
MoT Failure - RichardW
There is only one pump, but on later Xantias it is split in two inside the casing - 6 pistons run the PAS and 2 run the suspension and brakes. A central accumulator provides a reserve of pressure in the event of substantial fluid loss or pump failure. A security valve ensure that the front brakes are the last to lose pressure (they are fed direct off the main hydraulic system, it is only the rear brakes that are fed off the suspension).

I would surmise that the link to the rear height corrector has failed on that Xantia, which accounts for the problems at the rear (and the high headlights!). It probably needs new spheres at the front, and maybe a new strut (but it could just be the leak off hose, which is only £5). Still I think it's a scrapper - that lot would cost £300 in parts alone, and a good weekend DIY - more like £1000 to have it done. Given the low price of Xantias it will no doubt be getting weighed in, and marked off as another 'unreliable' Xantia (my guess is it's probably done >150k though to get in that state). Beggars belief that anyone would continue to drive it in that state - it must be awful! 2 year MOTs anyone?????

Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....
MoT Failure - Phil I
Your guestimate a bit low Richard Actual mileage shown as just over 214K. DTD works his motors hard!!!

Phil I

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