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I bought a second hand Honda from a dealership in January, which included a 12 month warranty. From day one the brakes have made a scraping noise when releasing to set off, even when only parked up for a brief while. The car has also always drifted to the left. The salesman explained at the time that the brakes noise was because the car had been parked up for a month, but would resolve itself once driven for a while. I thought that, as long as we claimed within the 12 months, the dealer would address these issues under the warranty.

I am now faced with the situation where the dealership are flatly refusing to resolve these fairly minor niggles as they claim that they are "adjustments", not "mechanical failures", and that they should have been brought to their attention earlier. As I live and work some distance from the dealership, it is not naturally convenient to get to them.

Where do I stand here ? If it is not covered by the warranty (which it doesn't appear to be, having had the pleasure of having to read through the small print) then should the dealership rectify the niggles anyway ? I appreciate that 11 months is a long time to notify them of the problems but a) I acted in good faith thinking it would be covered under the 12 month warranty and b) it does appear that they are suggesting they would have looked at the car earlier, even if it was an "adjustment". (As a layman, how is one expected to know what constitutes an "adjustment" as opposed to a "mechanical failure" ?) I feel as if my integrity is being questioned here.
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I think you may have to rely on the goodwill of the dealer. If the problems have been there for 11 months, then whatever the initial problem was has had plenty of time to be made worse by you continuing to use the car. In effect, that's negligence on your part, all warranties require you to take due care of the item in question - ignoring a fault for nearly a year probably won't cpunt.

As regards 'failure' as opposed to 'adjustment', the fact that you've carried on using it for 11 months should have been a hint that this wasn't a failure surely?

Pulling to one side might well just be tracking - easily sorted, although check your tyres - after 11 months of use, you'll probably need a new set of front tyres as they will have worn unevenly.

As for the noise with the brakes, no idea, but plenty of people on here will have I'm sure.
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sounds like wear and tear to me.
let an independant garage give it a once over and give you an opinion

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