Astra 2003-What is wrong with Headlight - bursty
Was driving home today with my side lights on and had driven some miles with them on. Switched the lights to Dipped mode and the lights seem 2 go very bright for a quick second as though Full Beam was on and then fade to what looked to be normal.

When I had completed my journey I noticed that the drivers Dipped Headlight bulb had gone so duly replaced the bulb as per the handbook and tested it. No light. Checked the fuse which is Fuse 6 a 10A and looked to be ok but replaced it anyway just incase. Still no light. Swapped the bulb from the Passenger side round and drivers side round and my new bulb illuminated in the passenger side but the existing passenger one does not appear to light up on the drivers side. Incidently the side light and Full Beam work on both sides and all the lights around the car work ok just this one bulb which I need these dark nights.

Has anybody got an idea what the problem may be, is it going to be a visit to my local vauxhall garage or my auto electrician.

I would assume it is a bad earth or a dodgy wire but would be glad of any advise.

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