Renault Scenic Heater Blower Xreg Not Wo - stevetwigg
The heater blower on my wife car as stopped working, she tells me that she had a smelt burning and now it as stopped. So i've chatted to a few people, and they have all come up with different answers. So is there a simple answer, i,ve put a direct feed to the motor and that works lovely. the switch seems ok not got a good idea how to check that but, somebody said that there is a block that melts, can not find that, plus you have to drive a long time before it warms up in the car, temp is ok on the dash. Any body got any ideas before it goes to the garage and costs me its christmas soon please help me
Renault Scenic Heater Blower Xreg Not Wo - Rover25
Start with the basics- is the fuse OK?
If the fuse is OK- its likely the resistor pack has failed- its a bundle of resistors that control the speed settings.
No idea where it is located on a scenic though- somebody else may be able to point you in the right direction.
Renault Scenic Heater Blower Xreg Not Wo - elekie&a/c doctor
the heater blower fan resistor is situated in the top of the air ducting behind glove box and pass airbag.Access to it requires removal of the top part of the dashpad and also part of the flexible demister ducting.May be a good idea to check the cabin filter for blockage(access from pass footwell)as this can cause resistor to overheat.hth
Renault Scenic Heater Blower Xreg Not Wo - stevetwigg
Hi thank you for your help i think going for the resistor pack, sounds like thats it A tomorrows jod. Many thanks

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