Recommendations please - An OBD reader - CJay{P}
I have a 318CI - I recently had a rather expensive mishap (£304 to be exact - documented in the technical matters forum).

I am now thinking of getting an OBD reader to understand what is really going on with my car - hopefully I might be able to attend to the faults myself.

Can someone please recommend a good reader - there seems to be so many out there, don't really want to buy something that is cheap and not do the job it is intended to do.

Thanks in advance.
Recommendations please - An OBD reader - Hamsafar
Do you have a laptop?
If so, maybe the carsoft software would be best?
search ebay for "carsoft BMW"
more advanced cars such as BMW will have OBDII for the legal requirement but also a plethora of extra BMW-only codes too.
Recommendations please - An OBD reader - Aprilia
You can try to get a copy of Carsoft, but it will likely be a pirate copy.

For genuine PC-based software try Gendan's Engine Check software - around £100 with a lead and free updates etc. They are a UK company.

For a dedicated scantool look out for Auteltech's cheap hand-held GS100/200 scanners starting at around £50 (they also appear 'unbranded').
Recommendations please - An OBD reader - CJay{P}
Yes, I do have a laptop.

Is something like this overkill?

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