Peugeot 205GTi heater problem - Bob
I have a wierd problem with my 1990 205 GTi heater. The fan doesn't work when you operate the rotary switch. I've checked the fan motor and it runs and the switch circuits appear ok too. The real mystery is that when you unplug the cable connector from the back of the switch, the fan motor starts to run but stops as soon as the connector is plugged back into the switch. I believe there is a rheostat and a relay somewhere in the wiring and perhaps one of these is faulty but my Haynes manual is no help in locating these parts. Can anyone offer advice? I would be most grateful. Bob
Re: Peugeot 205GTi heater problem - Chris
This exact same thing happened on my 1987 309 diesel. I don't understand the wiring or why the fan starts working when you unplug it - something to do with earthing? When I took the panel apart the spindle of the rotary switch had broken (it's plastic and the car was ten years old - about the same age as yours, I notice). It had to be fixed because you can't drive with the windows steamed up, but Peugeot had to source a whole new heater control unit from Lille. It took a week to arrive and the unit including a new rheostat, cost nearly 200 quid ex. VAT! They might be cheaper now, but if you can get one off a scrapyard and fit it yourself, I'd do it.

Incidentally, that was the last time I went to a Peugeot dealership for a repair - they (correctly) diagnosed a dodgy rheostat, which had had an intermittent fault for ages, but they didn't spot the broken switch, even though I'd told them about it, and then kicked up a stink about letting the mechanics work it out for themselves. Up until that point they'd been good value in comparison with local garages.
Re: Peugeot 205GTi heater problem - Bob
Hi Chris, thanks for replying. My switch is fine and I have now found the problem elsewhere as the following tale explains. If you haven't used Autofive for spares you might want to try them. Second hand parts may be cheap but can be poor quality, I know - cracked exhaust manifold and worn wiper motor. Anyway, good luck whatever you're driving. Bob

I have finally resolved the problem with the heater blower on my Peugeot 205 GTi and perhaps someone else will benefit from knowing what happened. The problem was that the fan motor would not run, very inconvenient when the windows steam up. I checked the motor, which is on the right side of the passenger footwell and held in place by three screws. Undo these, detach the cable connector and the motor and fan drop out. You can check the motor by connecting two leads from the battery to the terminals on the connector block on the motor. Get someone else to hold the motor when you do this as it will spin if it works. Take care not to short out the wires. My motor was fine so the problem lay elsewhere but I wasn?t sure what other components were in the circuit or where they were. Eventually I spoke to a guy at Autofive ( 205 GTi parts specialists) If you haven?t heard of them give them a call on 01606 782555 and ask for a price list - much cheaper than Peugeot main dealers and helpful advice too.
He told me about a control unit which was inclined to corrode and stop the fan working. This is located on the bulkhead a few inches from the fan motor, high up in the passenger footwell. Follow the cable from the fan and you will find it. Remove the plug in cable connector, undo two screws and drop the controller out. It consists of a circuit board with a diode mounted on a heat sink. The spring contact looked a bit tarnished so I cleaned it up with sandpaper. Note that under the contact is a small round disk which can be removed if the contact is eased up. Clean this on both sides and the back of the diode. You may need to retension the spring connector when you reassemble to ensure pressure is maintained on the contact.
I refitted the control unit to the car and the fan worked again. (If this doesn?t do the trick a new control unit is about £22). I just wish I had spoken to Autofive a week ago and saved myself days of fruitless labour. At least this repair cost nothing so I have to be grateful for something. If you ever have the same problem I hope my experience gets you to the solution more quickly. Bob

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