Passat Water Ingress - Ed V
I have a very wet rear footwell in my T Reg Passat, and failed electric windows and fuel filler cap release, presumably as a consequence. The windows were not left open!
Any ideas?
Passat Water Ingress - Glaikit Wee Scunner {P}
Overflowing/badly sealed pollen filter causing water to run into footwells . There are some control modules under the carpets which then get wet and fail. I had one of them fail. It was expensive to get sorted. Sorry.
I wasna fu but just had plenty.
Passat Water Ingress - 659FBE
Check particularly for blocked plenum chamber drain holes (fitted with funny rubber liners) and a badly seated plenum cover seal. One of the drains is under the battery tray which has to be removed to get at it. Not one of VW's brighter designs - I hear Skoda Superbs do this too. The bill for carpets and new CCM electronics can be tearful.

Passat Water Ingress - Carse
I do not believe either of the suggestions above could be the cause if the water is only in the rear of the vehicle, it is more likely to be a door or window seal that has perished or possible the door drain holes blocked.

Passat Water Ingress - 659FBE
Rear floor is lower than the front floor - gravity will always have its way. This problem is well documented.

Passat Water Ingress - Halmer
Passat Water Ingress - PeterRed
If you have got a bulkhead full of water, the 'weirdlittlebiscuit' link will help. Also, try getting a new pollen filter assembly together with a new foam gasket. It costs about £15 and did the job for me. I'm afraid it won't fix the damaged electronics or smelly carpets though. All you Passat owners out there, keep a close eye on the passenger footwell. If it feels damp, lift the carpets quick and keep the black box out of the water.......
Passat Water Ingress - stuartl
Pollen Filter Gasket is 99.9% likely to be the cause of your problem.

Carse, you are wrong, sorry!

I've experienced this many times, many VW's, Passats, Golfs, Jettas, etc have the same design fault and as HannahnTilly says, the real expense starts when it fries your electrics under the passenger seat.

My neighbour emptied four VAX loads of water from his car after just one week being parked up, luckily his electrics were ok.

Passat Water Ingress - Halmer
Had the same issue with my 2002 Passat.

Problem with alarm going off caused by water ingress into footwell.

Done under warranty luckily but dealer has 'modified' the pollen filter whatever that means.
Passat Water Ingress - Carse
As much as I accept that the water can fall from the front to the back surely both the passenger front and rear footwells would be wet in the case you describe not just the rear?

Passat Water Ingress - adverse camber
you generally find that when you take the carpet up the insulation/soundproofing underneath is sodden front and rear.

The issue with the pollen filter is *very* common.

The 'comfort module' ecu which sits on the front floor is the give away that water is getting in at the front. that ecu controls stuff like alarm, interior lights, elec windows and mirrors. If I saw that that is playing up then I would look for water through the pollen filter. The fact that there is water in the car would make me pretty sure.

Passat Water Ingress - Hamsafar
The front footwell has a false floor, under which are wiring and control units, hence you problems, something like central convenience module is too wet.
Passat Water Ingress - stuartl
There are ducts that act like water shoots taking the heating/aircon to the rear of the car if i recall correctly.........

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