Over revving engines ? - oilrag
Or am I *old school* these days in not using the rev limiter
in this way.

Over revving engines ? - SlidingPillar
Sounds a bit like his didn't work right!

However, rev counters don't always read correctly when you hit the limiter, and quite a lot of injection systems learn the driver style. He could now be marked down as a person of no mechanical sympathy who the engine ought to protect itself against!
Over revving engines ? - yorkiebar
What on earth has happened to drivers who drive cars rather than plonkers who can only do what the pc screen says?

i.e. if the car says it cuts out then its ok to rev it til it cuts out?

No body seems to have a clue about mechanical sympathy and gauge reading etc ! Rev counter in this case !

Also if was 8000rpm in 2nd, then putting it int 3rd wouldnt do it any good anyway.

Would a fiat even rev that high is another question ! I would never dare try it let alone drive it at that revs !
Over revving engines ? - P3t3r
What makes me laugh is the way he makes 8000rpm sound so sudden. I think it would take a good few seconds, and a lot of noise to reach those revs.
Over revving engines ? - LeePower
Ive managed to get a TU1 Saxo engine to go past the 8K rpm on the rev counter, Yes I did it on purpose, Stuck it in 2nd gear at 85 mph & no it didnt sound to happy afterwards but seeing as it wasnt my car I didnt really care.
Over revving engines ? - piggy
>>seeing it was`nt my car,I did not care>>

Never,ever ask to borrow my car will you. Sounds like a very selfish and foolish thing to do.

More in line with the original thread,I have hit the limiter a few times and it does not seem to have caused any damage.It`s quite easy to do in a free reving engine. Moral-watch the rev counter!
Over revving engines ? - Lud
What was that Alfa Romeo V8 engined thing you could buy if you had the money a couple of decades ago?

I knew a man who had one of those and over-revved it.

I never saw the car, but I believed him. I'm afraid I can't tell you what his profession was. Let's just say he could afford the car, or thought he could, and it isn't surprising he over-revved it. Indeed I believe many of his colleagues and opposite numbers must have ended up up trees or in even worse places after crashing their Porsche turbos, Ferraris and so on.

You probably have to try very hard indeed to over-rev a modern production car. Only something exotic will explode under a heavy right foot, probably not even that now.
Over revving engines ? - Grease_monkey
Sounds to me like rubbish driving. I'd imagine at 8000 rpm it would have been pulling like a snail as it would have been past it's power range.
Over revving engines ? - barchettaman
.....What was that Alfa Romeo V8 engined thing you could buy if you had the money a couple of decades ago?

The Lancia Thema 8.32, with the Ferrari engine?
Over revving engines ? - BazzaBear {P}
.....What was that Alfa Romeo V8 engined thing you could buy
if you had the money a couple of decades ago?
The Lancia Thema 8.32, with the Ferrari engine?

Or, if right about it being an Alfa, possibly the Alfa Montreal? It's the only V8 engined one I can think of currently.
Over revving engines ? - Lud
That's the one Bazza, the Montreal - four camshafts, very fast, very expensive new, flawed handling by accounts, looked good though. This man I knew destroyed his engine by over-revving it.
Over revving engines ? - BazzaBear {P}
To be honest, probably not even all that fast by todays standards. I'd guess around 7 or 8 seconds 0-60. Sounds georgeous though, and looks the business, in a properly 70's-tastic kind of way. You can almost hear the wacca-wacca guitar track kicking in as you look at it.
Over revving engines ? - oilrag
Some of the posters on this thread


seem to be treating road car engines almost as race engines regarding maximum revs.
Yet presumably expect normal engine life and the engine to remain in first rate condition?

My first cars were in the 60s and in the 80s I drove many examples of Bedfords CF.
Engine power and smoothness was better with vehicles allocated to the sympathetic drivers who bothered to run them in.
It was very noticable, almost as if it were a different engine in the ones that were thrashed from new.
But has this all gone now?
Can cars be thrashed from new, almost as though it is a computer game ...........
I know I`m getting on, but have things REALLY moved on that much?
Any evidence to support a conclusion with current engines?
Over revving engines ? - oilrag
Sorry, that was the early 70`s for the Bedford CF`s
Over revving engines ? - IanJohnson
He would get to 8000 suddenly if he had gone from 4th to second to accellerate!
Over revving engines ? - madf
I had a BMW 318i and revved to iirc 6,250 and the rev limiter kicked in. First time ever. It felts as if 7,000 rpm was possible as the engine was still very smooth.

The writer sounds like a complete plonker.. and I expect peeps like that to drive like idiots.
Over revving engines ? - Westpig
didn't they used to call this sort of thing 'an italian tune up'.....rather apt we're talking about a Fiat
Over revving engines ? - Happy Blue!
About three years ago I rented a Pug 307 1.6 from Nice for a couple of days. It was virtually brand new and I gave it a good workout in the hills above the Med. It drive well. One evening, I was rushing along the tolled Autoroute and drive away from a Peage with foot to the floorboard - I can't remember why i did it but it sounded fine and the rev limiter kicked in in first and second without appearing to harm the engine. I'll bet that is a well run in car.
Over revving engines ? - Dynamic Dave
My old Mk1 Astra didn't have a rev limiter on the engine. I fitted my own rev counter as it didn't come with one as standard. Many a time I took the engine to 8,000 RPM in 1st and 2nd to demonstrate to my passenger mates how easily the engine revved. I bought the Astra at 29,000 miles and sold it 4 yrs later with 104,000 miles on the clock. Engine only used ½ pint of oil between mineral oil changes (6,000 mile service interval).

Now what was that about mechanical sympathy?
Over revving engines ? - mjm
I suppose that it depends upon how you look at the incident, really.

He doesn't say how new "new" is. It may have a few thousand miles on the clock. I would be very surprised if the car was not fitted with a rev limiter, in which case, if it really hit 8000 rpm, the limiter is faulty. If this has caused the engine to develop faults then I would have thought Fiat would still be liable.

It would be the same as a brake failure causing front end damage, I would expect the dealer to sort out the lot, not just repair the brakes.

I don't rev the engine in my car that high, in general use because I don't need to in general driving. (I also have mechanical sympathy!), but if the manufacturer states that maximum rpm is 6500, then I would expect the engine to do it without going bang.
Over revving engines ? - Westpig
not knowing much about this subject, perhaps someone that does could put me right...

i was under the impression that it was 'good' for an engine that doesn't get used much throughout its' range to have the odd blast up to nearer the rev limit

my auto V6 gets used almost exclusively in town nowadays, as a second car, rarely going over 3,500 revs.........once very 6-8 weeks i'll choose a point when its nicely warmed up and 'give it some large' so that it gets nearer the limit...(being auto it changes when it wants to, so it's never right on the limit).

is this wrong?
Over revving engines ? - LeePower
It was a loan car from a garage, They took the mick repairing my car & then managed to also damage it so I returned the favour.

Over revving engines ? - jase1
I get hassle all the time from SWMBO regarding overrevving my cars ... and I don't think I've ever gone much beyond 6K.

8K in a supermini? Plank.
Over revving engines ? - bimmer-driver
The limiter in my petrol Ibiza is only set at 5750 rpm but it gets visited quite regularly when its all warmed through and it hasn't complained at all in my 4000 miles. Mind you, it is run on top quality oil, so it should be fine. That 3 cylinder thrum is so addictive though!
Over revving engines ? - Lud
The fact is that with most non-performance modern Euroboxes, the red line can be quite high - 6500 or even 7000rpm - but there's very little point in going there unless you can persuade the thing to pull it in top gear when you may be doing quite a decent lick ... :o) ... only you can't of course even down quite a steep long hill.

The point is that although lots of them have 16 valves and theoretically good breathing they are tuned with fuelling and in other ways to be torquey luggers rather than screamers. There isn't all that much to be had other than noise and thirst over about 4000rpm in a lot of cars. I suppose that's why people buy chips....
Over revving engines ? - P3t3r
8K in a supermini? Plank.

I'm not sure whether it's possible with this engine, but some of the Fiat ones do rev quite high. I believe the 1.1's will do a little over 7000rpm.
Over revving engines ? - paulb {P}
8,000 rpm in a Punto 1.4? Oh, please. I had a Sporting (2000 V-reg) a few years back, with a 1.2 litre version of the same engine. This was red-lined at 7,000 rpm with the limiter set at 6,850 rpm (answers on a postcard) and blimey, you knew when you'd hit it. There are two possibilities here:

1) Guy's a plank (already stated by others) and can't read a rev-counter (more likely, IMHO) and has mistaken the sound of an unhappy 6,500 - 6,800 rpm for 8,000*, or
2) There is something seriously the matter with his car's engine/ECU, in which instance there is a case for a warranty claim.

* an error which would swiftly be rectified by an afternoon spent (completely random example here) riding a 600cc Suzuki Bandit...
Over revving engines ? - Micky
Jason writes:

">I forgot to change upto 3rd whilst overtaking.<"

Ah yes, that old chestnut.
Over revving engines ? - jase1
Heh, yeah, like the screaming engine wasn't a giveaway.

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