Leaky SEAT Toledo - mss1tw
First off, I don't think this is the pollen filter. I have fitted a whole new housing, and I literally had a watering can up around the pollen filter housing yesterday, launched buckets of water at the screen, the lot, and it was dry. Took it out after and it was still fine.

Can anyone tell me where else water could get into the heating system, as the passenger floor was wet today.

Is it possible for water to come up under the pollen filter/housing? I went through a puddle on the left side of the car, and that's the only thing I can think of that could cause it.

Basically if anyone can give me any other possible leaks that would be handy!
Leaky SEAT Toledo - PeterRed
Has it got aircon? If so, check the drain pipe which should go from the back of the heater matrix in the dashboard through the bulkhead.
Leaky SEAT Toledo - mss1tw
Thanks Hannah I'll give that a go.
Leaky SEAT Toledo - Dodge49
If you look in the car by car breakdown section on this site and look up the Toledo 11 1999-2004 there is a reference to leaks. Something to do with the drain plugs and door seals. I have heard of a common problem on other SEAT models with the rear door seals leaking possibly on this site. Hope this helps.

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