Toyota cement or dry? - telecaster
Am trying to replace water pump on a toyota matter what way the pump body goes on I cant stop it from leaking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have tried using just the supplied paper gasket, the gasket with blue sealer , and a combination of both...all to no avail.

The Oring looks ok and i have torqued all the nuts to manufactures spec...................any help appreciated!
Toyota cement or dry? - Hamsafar
I always use silicone, like the orange stuff from Halfords, although I don't think the colour is important.
Obviously leave it a good 6 hours to cure.
Isn't the blue stuff more for oil?
Toyota cement or dry? - none
Have you removed ALL of the old gasket from the block ?
Toyota cement or dry? - 659FBE
I'm not familiar with this engine, but when fitting water pumps with 'O' ring seals there are two essentials. Firstly smear the 'O' ring with silicone grease and secondly take some care to ensure that it is not twisted. There is often a slight moulding line around the ring which you can use as a check. A fine knife carefully used under the ring will ease out the twists if silicone grease has been previously applied.

Preparation of the engine block surface including the counterbore or chamfer for the 'O' ring must be carefully done - crud deposits develop here.


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