Pug 205 STDT - PaulFromMelton
Can anyone give me an honest opinion of these? I'm looking at buying one tomorrow.

How easy would it be to fit an intercooler from a Xantia? I'm told this is the thing to do to slightly increase performance and increase economy.
Pug 205 STDT - local yokel
I can't see that the effort would be worth the results. These cars sip fuel and go well enough as it is.

205s are great little cars and rarely suffer rust. The driver's seat may well be worn through use.
Pug 205 STDT - Kingpin
Nice choice, some of the last 205 were the STDT model, using the 1.8 diesel turbo combined with quite luxury specification, alloys, electrics etc. The don't tend to rust much but check the usual places like sills and arches. Probably suspension may give a few knocks if the ball joints are worn.
I had a 205 XS with the petrol engine and it developed problems with worn CV joints on the driveshafts but apart from that was a cracking little car. If you do buy it best to check if cambelt needs changing as that would cause major expense if it broke.
PS - the spare tyre is in a cradle under the boot floor accessed by fitting the wheelbrace (found in the boot side panel) into a slotted nut in the boot floor and lowering the cradle.
Pug 205 STDT - hm
WICKED CAR...I ad one......LOVED IT.....only got rid because I wrote it off............fast as hell, the milage is great.......do not bother with Xantia intercooler (the one from the estate you mean) not worth it.......get the pump and turbo tweaked to the upper limits.......

Wow I miss that car....going to take a look on Flea bay to see if there are any, might just get on for fun.

I replaced mine with a 306DT.....tweaked the pump and turbo myself and fitted an uprate intercooler...averaged about 125BHP...

Have fun..


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