VR6- speed and torque - tokyo20
Recently bought a VR6, replacing my father's old TDI. And to be honest i prefer the VR6 but only just!
My comments so far (please excuse my ignorance when it does come to cars)
The pulling power on the TDI was greater, somehow, although official figures suggest that the VR6 has more torque.
I excpected the VR6 to be very quick off the mark- well it isn't! It's quick in a perfect straight line, or downhill but does seems to be slow or certainly no quicker than the TDI on hills- you need to put your foot down to gain any decent speed... Are all cars slow on hills- even powerful ones?? 0-60 times on derbyshire country hilly lanesd seems to take 20 seconds, not 7.4 seconds!
Don't get me wrong in every way the VR6 does please, the sound is to die for, and I imagine that on a track or autobahn it'll be very quick- speeds of up to 155-160 mph..
Petrol consumption is very very good. Don''t ask me how but petrol is costing me only about £5-10 more a week more than the TDI did??
All in all, I am a petrolhead at heart, just couldnt stand that transit van noise on the TDI anymore, but it was a good car and not slow either.
Many thanks for reading. Sorry about my sentence construction, my english is not 100%, i am from frog land!
VR6- speed and torque - barchettaman
Mieux que mon francais.
Par contre, c´est bizarre de voir un Francais qui prefere l´essence, et pas le gazole.
VR6- speed and torque - tokyo20
Ton francais est parfait. Oui c'est vrai que la grande majorite des francais preferent le diesel, mais quand on est plus jeune, les voitures essences sont bien plus "fun"!
VR6- speed and torque - barchettaman
J´suis d´accord. Mais c´est amusant de voir les gonzes du coin quand ils essayent de suivre la Fabia vRS de mes vieux. Franchement c´est incroyable comment cette petite caisse peut se deplacer, le tous en diesel.
VR6- speed and torque - tokyo20
C'est sur les diesels de ces 5 dernieres annees sont tres performantes. Le seul probleme est qu'elles sont trop cheres! Mon budget etait de £2000! Et pour l'instant, etant jeune et ne faisant pas beaucoup de kms, une voiture essence de puissance V6 etait l'option la plus interessante!
Sorry folks, i will stop talking french now! Don't know if speaking french is against forums rules??!
VR6- speed and torque - barchettaman
I reckon for 2k you could have found a ZX Volcane diesel. They go pretty well.
VR6- speed and torque - Happy Blue!
Oui, mais; sorry, yes but I'd rather have a VR6 than a 4-cyl diesel.
VR6- speed and torque - Roger Jones
Before I bought my Golf VR6 new at the end of 1996, I tested a GTi. the GTi was altogether quicker off the mark and had an eagerness that confirmed why it has always been so popular. However, the refinement of the VR6 far outweighed the immediate oomph of the GTi, so that was it.

After more than nine years of virtually faultless service and real enjoyment on every trip, I sadly let it go to someone who I knew would prolong its active life, which should be 250k at least if it's looked after properly. My long-term fuel consumption was 29+ mpg, with low 30s on most long trips and mid-30s on some. Lovely engine.
VR6- speed and torque - barchettaman
Any pangs of regret about selling it, Roger?
VR6- speed and torque - ForumNeedsModerating
I had one of these beasts for a while (purply coloured P-reg job) my overwhelming memory was the sheer fun of grabbing 3rd (from about 40mph) & overtaking with a rising whoosh of tuneful vr6 crackle, both bhp & torque seem to rise in unison to just under 6K rpm (about 70-75mph , if memory serves) - in fact driving it was always about being somewhere in 3rd with a nice overtake in prospect. Thing I liked (as with any car I've 'liked') was the tingle of anticipation whenever I picked up the keys.

VR6- speed and torque - Roger Jones
Pangs of regret? Yes, of course. One bit of fun was going from 10 mph to 100 mph in third gear, which is something the friend who finally bought it never forgot too.

The fun has been replaced with an MB W124 300E twin turbo, but that Golf remains a great car -- a modern classic as far as I'm concerned.
VR6- speed and torque - VR6
I think the lack of turbo is causing you to feel that it isnt as quick as you thought. When people are in my car they comment that 'it doesnt feel that quick', but then they look at the speedo and are quite impressed of the 10 year old car. With a TDi the power comes in big lumps where as the VR has a smooth power curve with no sudden jolts in power as the turbo kicks in. You also need to be in the right gear and use the whole rev range, if not it may seem sluggish up a hill.

Not sure you would get 150mph out of one though. It would be more like 140mph flat out.
VR6- speed and torque - Gromit {P}
It's also very likely that the VR6's gearbox has different ratios to the TDI - each chosen to better suit the engine the box is coupled to - which will serve to increase the difference in feel between them.

I'm very surprised at such a slight decrease in fuel economy, especially considering the greater gap in price between petrol and diesel in France!
VR6- speed and torque - tokyo20
Think you hit the nail on the head. It is the lack of a turbo that makes it feel a bit slow. I simply need to learn how to drive the VR6 properly it seems!
Few tips VR6??
VR6- speed and torque - VR6
Looking at a torque graph I have for my car I can tell you the following, which may help you up hill...

1. Torque rises steadily from 2000rpm up to 4000rpm
2. From 4000rpm to 5000rpm it flattens out
3. From 5000rpm to 6000+ it starts to fall

My max tourque was at 4270rpm (189 lb ft), with maximum power coming at 6100rpm (195 bhp). From a quick google it looks like your old diesel produces 145 lb ft at 1900rpm.

So, up hill make sure your at about 3500rpm and you should make good progress.

Other than that dont hammer it till its good and warm, I was told never below 80 degrees oil temp.

As Roger Jones above said, 3rd gear is ace, it seems to pull forever.
VR6- speed and torque - tokyo20
Simply put a diesel has much more torque at low rpm's. Bit more work needs to be done on a VR6 but once you get there it pulls!

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