Beware! Car recovery abroad. Read first - henry k
In case you have not read this in the DT travel Q & A s

"We were left stranded and out of pocket after a motorway crash"

Worth reading the item below. It is easy to think "I am fully insured" but how do you deal with the "panic" situation of an unusable vehicle and a family to get home etc.
Beware! Car recovery abroad. Read first - martint123
It's been a common problem in that "breakdown" insurance is just that, mechanical breakdown. Accident management and recovery is another more expensive product, although sometimes included with your normal car insurance.

My friend dropped his motorbike in a car park and broke the right handlebar off complete with brake and throttle. Breakdown cover was useless and didn't cover the "accident". His insurer only took notice when he said he'd have to leave it in an unlighted carpark for a considerable time as it was undriveable - mentioning that he didn't mind as it was covered for theft by them!.

Checking after the event, none of the "big three" would have recovered his bike in the same circumstances. AutoAid does (in the UK at least).


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