Peugot 405TD Brakes - PaulFromMelton
It is fitted with the Bendix ABS system. It has had to have a lot of work for the MOT, including all of the rear brake lines. However, the bloke who did the work, fitted the pipes to the compensator incorrectly. The meant the car had front brakes only for a few days. I finally gave in and let a garrage do it. They managed to get pressure back to the rear brakes but there is now another problem: The servo *SEEMS* to be working okay - with the engine off you press the brake, turn the engine on and your foot moves down a bit. The trouble is it sinks after that. It is not the master cylindar as that is the first thing I replaced (£65 pretty much wasted). There seems to be no air in the system as it has been bled repeatedly. The vacuum pump seems to be okay and sucks well. All nuts on the brake lines are very secure.

I'm told it could be the ABS unit. Before I go to the scrappy for a replacement, has anyone got any ideas? This is all that needs sorting now for the free restest!

Also, could anyone tell me which model of car would use the same ABS unit? I know a lot of 405's used it. Maybe early 406's/Xantia's?
Peugot 405TD Brakes - PaulFromMelton
Forgot to add - it's a mk 2 facelifted '94 L estate model with the 1905XUTD
Peugot 405TD Brakes - piston power
hi paul, before you start spending more money try bleeding the brakes again stating at the one furthest away from the master cylinder, maybe just air locked after all this new pipe work fitted, they will feel spongy even when bled until they bedd- in which can take upto 400mls, if you are unsure and feel it is not safe please don't drive it and get the garage to pick it up. good luck
Peugot 405TD Brakes - PaulFromMelton
I've got one of these presure bleeding kits - you connect a hose to a spare tyre, fill a bottle with brake fluid, hook it all up and start bleeding. We tried it earlier and there was a little hissing from the ABS unit with bubbles in the brake fluid. The mrs reckoned the brakes felt a little better and as we were going along they were getting better and better, she claimed. She took it upto 80 on a dual carriageway and tapped them. I was nearly thrown through the windscreen!

However, the brake pedal still feels hard sometimes, as if the servo isn't working. Stupid french cars!!!!!!!

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