Rover 75 diesel - timing chain? - markengland
I posted in the Discussion section recently about purchasing a diesel saloon for around £2.5K and a few people suggested the Rover 75. I am looking into these as an option now and wondered if anyone could advise on the timing belt (or chain) situation. I understand that the 2.0 CDT engine is in fact a BMW unit and as such has a timing chain rather than a belt. If so, do these still need to be changed and at what interval? I am looking at a 2002 (52) model that has done 90K miles with full Rover service history but can see no mention of the above work being done. Is there anything else on these cars that I should look out for or be aware of? Many thanks.
Rover 75 diesel - timing chain? - R40
It is a chain on the CDTi 75 and the engines are known as bullet proof - no change specified (up to 250,000 ;) ) If you want a full run down on what to look out when buying for then the owners club site is a good starting place - including reliable info on parts availability etc.

hth :)
Rover 75 diesel - timing chain? - bbroomlea{P}
I wouldnt worry about the timing chain. I had to get rid of my 75 at over 230,000 miles and the timing chain was both original and making no noise whatsoever. As long as it has had its oil changed at the right time it will be fine.

The reason I eventually had to part company with my 75 was the ECU got flooded with water. It was my fault as I took it out of dealer/independant servicing and just had consumables changed every 15K (ie filter, oil etc). If you do buy one the website above will give a very very easy guide to make sure the drain plugs are not blocked. Wish I had followed my own advice now! I now own a 52 plate A4 diesel and can honestly say its not as good as the 75 and will be returning to either a ZT or 75 ownership within 12 months.
Rover 75 diesel - timing chain? - markengland
Thanks R40 and bbroomlea. I am even more seriously tempted now to get one of these motors, assuming I like the drive. I've looked on the forum that R40 mentions but can't see the info you mention re. drain holes - do you have a link I can follow? Are there any other common faults I should look out for when I go and view? Thanks again guys.
Rover 75 diesel - timing chain? - R40

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