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Hi all, I have been offered a full set of leather seats for my car ('99 Ford Focus MK1 2.0l Zetec Ghia), I assume fittings will be exactly the same, but the more important question is: would the heated part of the seats be a plug in affair? i.e. would there already be wiring in place for it, and does anyone with a focus know what switches / knobs there are to control the heat (are they on/off or thermostat controlled?)

Focus - Cloth to Leather seat conversion - henry k
RTFM - From a '99 Ford Focus MK1 2.0l Zetec Ghia with a manual gearbox but already with leather seats & cruise control, says

"The heated seats are operated by a switch located on the centre console."

( looks like just forward of the handbrake knob on the LH side thus matching the traction control switch position. also indicated is another switch level with the handbrake- possibly for the passenger heated seat?)

"The control light in the switch indicates operation. The max temp is reached after 5 / 6 mins. It is regulated thermostatically.
The seat heating will operate when the ignition switch is in position II

! Heating with engine off will drain the battery"

You would also require a new matching centre panel with the two switch holes in as the switches are fitted in a depression just like the TC switch.

I woud ask the FFOC about it as IMO it is a rare fitting.
Focus - Cloth to Leather seat conversion - Ruperts Trooper
If your existing Focus is a high trim level, you may well find the connector in the loom, but you would need to get switches, trim panel, etc

Heaters in leather seats are well worth while as the leather is quite cold in winter.

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