Highly expensive Hyundai parts - David Moore
Mum's R97 Accent Auto failed the MOT on a 'snapped coil spring'; price £260 to also include a foglight lens and 2 bulbs. How do we get these for a lower price, or are they expensive to repair full stop?
Re: Highly expensive Hyundai parts - alvin booth
I have used a specialist spring and shock absorber firm in the Potteries which are usually much cheaper than what you quote.
As regards repairing I don't think it would be possible to repair springs as any heat such as welding would anneal the steel and revert it to mild.
Re: Highly expensive Hyundai parts - Guy Lacey
4 x Jamex/Eibach/Koni/Avo/Boge/Spax springs can be found for around £100 - not sure if they supply the fitment for this vehicle but surely worth a try. I wouldn't be surprised if it were the fog light that caused the expense. VAG foggies for MkII Golfs have been up to £100 each - now cheaper.

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