engine management light - Vaux Corsa - medsec
my 3 1/2 year old corsa recently had the engine management light coming on when accelerating up to 60mph, then losing power, misfiring and going into safe mode. so far the garage have been unable to find the fault, having changed the spark plugs and put in a new coil pack.

has anyone else experienced this problem and if so what fault was found.?

i have a 1.2i sxi on a march 03 plate. it has only done 18, 500 miles.


engine management light - Vaux Corsa - Dynamic Dave
moves across to technical matters

Usual problem is either the camshaft sensor or crankshaft sensor. If the ECU light has come on I'm surprised the dealer hasn't managed to read out the fault code though.
engine management light - Vaux Corsa - John S
DD is correct that the fault should be logged on the Engine Management unit. However, it is sometime necessary to run the car for a reasonable period (30 minutes or more) with the light on for a fault to register. I speak from experience!

engine management light - Vaux Corsa - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
Air flow meter is a favourite fault wit these critters, although beware it may not reveal itself when codes read. Failure of the AFM often causes Lambda or EGR faults to be logged instead. Seems the ECU would rather believe the AFM than the other sensors which are having a fit trying to correct the spurious readings from the AFM.
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engine management light - Vaux Corsa - medsec
conclusion to engine management problem on my corsa was the spark plugs - Vauxhalll garage picked this up and found first garage had fitted wrong ones when fault diagnosed!! they then went to next fault and fitted a new coil pack.... Needless to say we are recouping money from first garage who messed up big time and actually charged more than Vauxhall garage!!
engine management light - Vaux Corsa - Carrow
What part number did they fit first time around?
engine management light - Vaux Corsa - medsec
don't know part number, but they got it from internet, when only needed to give car reg no or vin number. they ordered part for twinport engine.

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