engine quiting. Ford Puma - wibble
Driving home today the engine died in my 1.7 ford puma. while driving along. Rolled to a stop. Engine wouldn't start, left it for a few minutes when it started again. Drove it home and sometimes it would seem to stop for a fraction of a second and then start backup as you could see the dash lights go thru their start up sequence and power would drop for a little bit. Some times it would just die and I would be stuck in road for 5 minutes until it started back up.

Doesn't seem to battery as lights are ok and connections look fine. You can hear fuel pump so I think the immobiliser is ok. No warning lights are on.

Using the trip button trick I was able to get the following 2 error codes from the ECU 5967 and 0115.

Any suggestions?
engine quiting. Ford Puma - Chas{P}
Sounds electrical like an intermittent fault on the coil pack.

engine quiting. Ford Puma - Carse
Fault code 0115 = Engine coolant Temp sensor signal error,

Cannot find 5967.

You need to be careful with logged codes though as they could be generated because the vehicle stalled in mid travel.

engine quiting. Ford Puma - jc2
On my daughter's car,cleared similar concerns just by removing every connector in sight in the engine comp. and putting them back on again.
engine quiting. Ford Puma - Carse
Code 5967 is a manufacturing code so think this can be dismissed.

Fault code 5967 = The PG_DC was comman High, but did not respond

engine quiting. Ford Puma - wibble
So these codes could have been there for years? Today the car has been fine. At the weekend I check all the connections and disconnect the battery for 30minutes to reset the computer and then see if it happens again.

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