Pug 405 replacement - Crinkly Dave
My petrol 405 is just coming up to 236k. It has been incredibly reliable, and I have been loath to dispose of it as it is such an excellent tool for carrying shopping, 2 labradors, lots of stuff for wife's job.

It has had 4 breakdowns though over the last 2 years (leaking valve in new tyre, failed ignition amplifier, failed starter, and recently the breather pipe to cam cover coming off and dropping ½ pint of oil over engine) and She Who Must Be Obeyed has announced she would like a replacement.

But what else for the size has such a useful boot (wide, flat, no intrusions into boot, easy to drop seats, skid plate at edge of platform and not colourmatched plastic bumper to be scratched by dog paws) which is this size (Mondeo and Vectra estate described as "too big")

I thought perhaps the new Focus with the 1.6 diesel, or the Astra with the 1.9 GM/Fiat diesel. Divorce has been considered, but will be more expensive than the £10-12k car. At my age murder is out, as I couldn't do 14 years inside

Comments anyone, particularly about engine choice. I will be maintaining it myself eventually, favour twice annual oil changes, and EGRs make me uncomfortable.
Pug 405 replacement - Happy Blue!
How many miles does your wife do each year? Do you need a diesel?

I assume you want an estate. I have only driven two 'estates' in the last few years, our two Subaru Foresters - which may be a bit small, and two old model Focus diesels, which I though were excellent. Even the older TDDi which is meant to be a bit rough, I found to be more than adequate.
Pug 405 replacement - type's'
You can get a 1 year oldish Avensis estate for that money - will be totally reliable (as the 405 has been ) and excellent service from dealers etc.
Pug 405 replacement - local yokel
How about a £5k 406 estate, and bank the rest?
Pug 405 replacement - jammods
If your happy with the 405 then 406 seems the logical progression.

Good value in the used market aswell.

Pug 405 replacement - Crinkly Dave
Thanks for the comments. I had thought of the Avensis, but not as readibly available from the local car supermarkets, but I will have look.

Wife says 406 is a little larger than 405, and according to the HJ car guide, doesn't seem as reliable. I like them, but have to obey orders
Pug 405 replacement - local yokel
Focus estate it is then.
Pug 405 replacement - local yokel
I never quite get it with ladies who won't have a car bigger than XX model. They all started driving in a smallish car, and some progress to Discoveries and pony trailers (and even horse lorries), and others won't. Why?
Pug 405 replacement - PhilW
Or a nice new Berlingo 1.6 HDi - not too long but loads of room?
Pug 405 replacement - Vansboy
406 will be far more comfortable than Focus or Astra.

I find the Focus difficult to sit 'right' ergonomics didn't fit me, it seems.

Astra - excellent car & value too. BUT.... only if you can find sport style seats - otherwise, as I've mentioned previously, REAL pain in the centre of my back, after a short journey, in one.

Pug 405 replacement - barchettaman
FWIW I don´t have any problems in our Astra (´99 model year). Pretty comfy really.

Supercheap second hand now, the previous shape Astras, obviously not as dynamic as a Focus or as much image as a Golf estate, but good value. Plenty of room, mine sits happily at 180kmh all day.

Would SWMBO veto an Octavia estate, on spurious ´image´ grounds?
Pug 405 replacement - DP
Did 99k in a Focus TDDi LX estate over 2 years and just one minor fault. Engine is noisy, but quite lively to say it's only 90 bhp and does high 40's mpg. Very practical load lugger and good to drive.

I had two gripes - road noise levels and front seats that just didn't fit me properly.

Pug 405 replacement - Xileno {P}
You're not the only one. The Focus has many good features but in the few I have driven I just can't get comfortable in the seats. I am quite big but I adjust the seat and everything's ok for a short while and then I need to keep moving the adjustments. The Megane's seats are in a different league, with curves and bulges in just the right place. I have travelled 600 miles in a day in it and not had any discomfort at all.
Pug 405 replacement - Crinkly Dave
I will add the Octavia to the list of possibles. Must see if we have a Skoda agent locally
Pug 405 replacement - glowplug
It may sound silly but how about another 405, there are still some near mint ones with low mileage. Good and cheap too!
Xantia HDi.

Buy a Citroen and get to know the local GSF staff better...
Pug 405 replacement - local yokel
Not sure about cheap - really tidy sub 100k 405 estates go for £1000 - £1200 on fleabay. That said, I think they are worth that. They must be the cheapest cars in their size/class to run and maintain.
Pug 405 replacement - glowplug
Really. I must say I haven't looked at 405s for a while but I'm convinced that some items sell for more on Ebay than they do locally. I bought my 405GTX TD Estate N reg full service history 71,000 for £1050 from the local admag and that was about 4 years ago.
Xantia HDi.

Buy a Citroen and get to know the local GSF staff better...
Pug 405 replacement - Crinkly Dave
Thanks to everyone who answered. Time for an update. Went to Winsford motor supermarket. SWMBO thought Focus to cramped and could not see bonnet, did not like seats in Astra (was a base model) but liked a Skoda 1.9 diesel Elegance (Alloy wheels, electric windows all round etc) May 03 with 34k on the clock for £8099 (which I thought a little high. Only problem was front tyres (215/45 R17s) were down to 3mm or so. Everything else OK. When pressed the salesman (who originally said the price could not be reduced) agreed to £8k

Looked at a more modern 1.4 estate, which she liked, but wonder how a 90bhp engine could drag the body around?

Then called in at motorsupermarket elsewhere, to look at Audi Avant (4 new tyres and will service and MOT before sale) Jan 04, with 118k on the clock for £8665. Smoker's car, so desmoking to do. Of the 2 I preferred the Skoda, as it was a better size estate, "fit for purpose" rather than style.... must want rid as they offered to match the Skoda as we were leaving.

Anyway, decision down to SWMBO, and will be based on tyre prices, insurance, etc etc

Technical bit. Any thoughts on what could go wrong on the Audi or Skoda. Mileage on engine doesn't bother me, and I reckon the air conditioning is due a recharge, but any known weakness?

What is the difference between climate control and air conditioning. Is CC air conditioning with temperature sensors, or what.

Thanks again.
Pug 405 replacement - barchettaman
Always nice to have an update!
A recent thread pointed out how near impossible it was to successfully remove the tobacco smell from a smoker´s car. Someone will maybe dig it out.
The Octy sounds a great buy, others will be more precise regarding the price etc.
Pug 405 replacement - Hugo {P}
if you are relitively set on the Skoda, walk up to the salesman and show him a cheque made out to the dealer of £7400

If he does not accept it. Walk. There are plenty of other cars for the money. Have the nerve and it WILL pay off.

It's Cristmas and no one is buying cars of this type - it's not on anyones Santa list.


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