Help: Broken VW Golf driver's door lock - Squickman
I'm wondering if anyone can help.

My mother's gone and broken her VW MK4 E-spec golf drivers door lock. Apparently, when putting the key in to open the door (no central locking), the lock got progressively stiffer, to the point where she ultimately had to force the lock past it's breaking point to get the key out.

Now, surprisingly enough, the key just turns the barrel round and round in the lock, the key neither locking or unlocking the car - so she has to get in via the passenger door.

Please can someone give me some pointers as to the following:

How do I remove the lock barrel so I can look at fixing it ?
(is it more complicated to remove than central locking-equipped golfs)


Am I able to buy blank lock barrels from the dealers (to transfer the internal gubbins from the broken lock to match the key).

I'm hoping that someone knowledgeable can also tell me whether the central locking-equipped car's drivers door lock barrel version will fit my mum's car, so I can run off to the scrappers rather than paying for a new one.

I'd be most grateful for any advice
Thanks in advance
Help: Broken VW Golf driver's door lock - elekie&a/c doctor
this is a common problem on Golfs.The shaft behind the door barrel/lock has sheared.This will require a new lock barrel assy ,no seperate parts are available for this model.It is very easy to replace and does not require removal of the door panel.There is a one securing screw in the door frame (usually behind a plastic grommet)and then the whole barrel slides out.A new lock from V W with the same key cut to vin # is about £45.Cdl or no cdl I would think the lock is the same. hth
Help: Broken VW Golf driver's door lock - George Porge
As above, the screw is on the edge of the door, by the catch mechanism, follow the line of the handle back and round to the door edge, you need to remove a black plastic gromit to see it.
Help: Broken VW Golf driver's door lock - bell boy
if you were tight like me you would go to the scrapyard and source a s/h one and swap the tumbler bits over,if you do be aware as if the lock is exactly the same as a polo then 2 and 4 door lock lengths are different as i found out after messing with one for ages

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