CR Diesel Nightmares. - dieselnut
Have been having a few nightmares after reading some of the recent stories on here that some backroomers have been having with their CR diesels.
I got thinking if there was something that could be done to reduce the risk of an expensive failure of HP pump or injectors to my high mileage 163k C5 2.2Hdi.
My thoughts went back to the good old days of a few 2 stroke motorcycles i've had in the past, & how those engines survived much abuse with just oil mixed in with the petrol at about 50:1 mix.
So I thought I would mix in some cheap 20w 50 engine oil in with my diesel fuel at a ratio of about 100:1 as diesel is already a reasonable lubricant.
The oil will just burn in the same way as the diesel once it has done its lubrication work having passed through the low pressure pump, high pressure pump & then the injectors.
I've tried it with the last 3 fuel fills & the engine starts & runs the same as it always has.
Can anyone see any downfall in this idea.
At least I can sleep sounder at night LOL.
CR Diesel Nightmares. - 659FBE
No problems doing this other than ash fouling the injectors. Self-mixing 2 stroke oil would do a better job,

CR Diesel Nightmares. - Armitage Shanks {p}
Or Miller's Diesel Plus - £8 worth treats 500 litres of fuel and this is cheaper, per litre, than the price difference between BP and BP Ultimate, for example.
CR Diesel Nightmares. - pmh
Does the C5 (I assume Citroen, not Sinclair!) have a particulates filter and the unique burn off technology?
Will it have any impact on this?
Playing games with a high miler old car may not carry much financial risk but presumably the real benefits are to be had if this is a regime followed from new (or at least post warranty).

pmh (was peter)

CR Diesel Nightmares. - cheddar
Better to use premium diesel such as BP Ultimate.
CR Diesel Nightmares. - nortones2
Or a fuel with 5% biodiesel in: sainsbury's sell a Greenergy product that meets EN590, and Total also I believe. It'll have all the lubricity required without artificial additives:)
CR Diesel Nightmares. - oilrag
Yes, I would just stick to using Diesel and add nothing.
IMHO a lot of these problems are caused by misfueling,
Have a look at this

And I think this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Thats Petrol contamination, Here

people are considering pouring cooking oil into one of the latest common rail engines.

IMHO it rules out buying a modern common rail Diesel as a used vehicle as faced with a potential multi thousand pound bill at some time in the future.....
Well, what would most people do?
CR Diesel Nightmares. - jc2
What do most manufacturers say(petrol or diesel);NO ADDITIVES.
CR Diesel Nightmares. - GregSwain
Well, what would most people do?

Buy a petrol. Well, that's what I'd do. I certainly wouldn't be feeding a brand new Fiat Multijet or Citroen HDi on anything other than diesel straight from the pump. Advice to the OP - don't experiment or gamble with CR engines. We already know how much they cost when they go wrong, so don't do anything which might make that happen sooner. A great deal of premature failings are caused by using an unsuitable fuel (like petrol) - I doubt any manufacturer would repair damage caused by 2-stroke oil under warranty.
CR Diesel Nightmares. - 659FBE
If a fuel system was still under warranty at 163k miles, it really would be worth having.

CR Diesel Nightmares. - GregSwain
If a fuel system was still under warranty at 163k miles,
it really would be worth having.

OK, I didn't read the post properly! Warranty or no warranty, if the fuel system's going to wear out, most of the damage is done at 163k. Keep filling it up with normal diesel, and when it goes bang, scrap it and buy a petrol ;-)
CR Diesel Nightmares. - Roly93
I would imagine that a small amount of fully sythetic 2 stroke oil would be very beneficial to the HP pump and would not cause much if any ash fouling on the injectors.
CR Diesel Nightmares. - madf
Anyone who uses anything other than diesel from a pump in a modern CR diesel is an absolute .. idiot...

And deserves everything they get.

Aircraft tolerances.. and then use chipfat!..


If it was a £500 banger.. that's a different story...

Oh look! I've saved £100 in fuel bills over the past 6 months and.. spent £3000 on new injectors and pump....

CR Diesel Nightmares. - braindead
i agree with madf a diesel is a diesel
every oil has a purpose and engine oil is not designed to be burnt (except in a burning barrel)
the op should do the car a favour and keep the fuel clean of additives (destructives)
CR Diesel Nightmares. - sierraman
Can't see that 2 stroke would make much difference to diesel,in a 4 stroke petrol engine it may work like UCL,as long as there is no damage.
CR Diesel Nightmares. - dieselnut
All i'm trying to achive is add to the lubricity of the fuel to reduce wear & certainly not suggesting adding chip fat as someone has deduced.
Regarding Millers, it's surposed to help clean the injectors, so that suggests to me some sort of solvent. I don't know what the advantage of BP Ultimate is supposed to be, I would assume more power, so may not mean more lubricity. Biodiesel is a green thing, i'm all for green, thats one reason I run a diesel. But wheather bio is a better lubricant I don't know.
My Hdi does have a particle filter & I guess the added oil would add to the particles slightly.
It might mean cleaning it at 40k instead of 50k, but just a 2 hour job so I can live with that.
CR Diesel Nightmares. - oilrag
I tend to think of the thousands of hours of research that has gone into common rail fuel injection systems, fuel development and the British Standards that ensure the fuel is suitable.
injection system and derv compatability ensured by all this research, development and testing.
In my cars handbook theres a BS spec for the derv to use. That spec is written on the fuel pumps at service stations. Thats all my fuel system is going to get.
Re * Bio Diesel* theres a thread somewhere about some using this. Some were OK but one Gent had his car chug to a halt after 4 miles and a new fuel injection system was needed. I suspect this may have not been to a BS standard ? But again why use it if its not the spec in the cars handbook?
Regarding being *Green* Seeing China`s massive output of Co2 and the UK`s running at 2 per cent of the worlds total I have no thoughts of putting even biodiesel into the tank and risking a £3.000 injection system.
IMHO the crude oil from which Derv is refined is going to get burnt one way or another anyway. If its not used by being refined into diesel, it will just be burnt in many other ways, such as in Electricity generation, here or in developing nations.
We just got back from a trip to the Philippines and there are enormous diesel engine barges generating electricity. Any Derv saved by the west using a little biodiesel will simple get burnt of into the atmosphere there and in other similar locations.
CR Diesel Nightmares. - jc2
Followed an elderly VW punping out clouds of smoke;then I noticed the "Save the Whale"& "Atomkraft-nein danke* " stickers.(*Nuclear energy-no thank you).
CR Diesel Nightmares. - prm72
Regarding Millers, it also states on the bottle that apart from cleaning the injectors, it also lubricates the pump, i've used it in every tankful for 40,000 miles and its been fine.

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