Potholes again... - El Dingo (Martin)
Further to the thread dated 13/3 on potholes, I'm repeating my reply in the hope that others can give me some advice.

I just drove into one (a pothole) this evening on an industrial estate in Iver, Bucks.

It's broken the engine under-tray and valence under the bumper (and goodness know what else).

Anyone ever had this experience? Can I bill the highways agency - local council - industrial estate owner???

Advice much appreciated.

Since posting this, I have found out that the road is not 'adopted' and belongs to the Industrial Estate owner, who has recently resurfaced 90% of the road. Aparrently, the junction at the end of the road is having traffic lights fitted and so they have not finished the resurfacing job. The street lights were also non-functioning, and the hole hidden in a dip. BTW the hole measures 1200mm x 700mm x 250mm deep and no warning in sight.

So far we plan to present the owner with a pro-forma invoice for the damage (fortunately only the under-tray and valence) and see what happens...

Re: Potholes again... - Andy
I would suggest you photograph the hole at the earliest opportunity (a long shot showing the position of the hole, and another showing the dimensions, using your car wheel as a reference), and send copies to the owner.
Re: Potholes again... - El Dingo (Martin)

Photographs taken at the time, with a tape measure alongside!

Re: Potholes again... - john
When roads are being surfaced they must not leave a pothole without warning signs and then ramp up/ down with tarmac to monomise the potential damage. To me it sounds like a case for a small claims court with photo evidence. The legal boys will no doubt comment.
Re: Potholes again... - Dwight Van Driver
Go to search, type in my name and then go to Post 32 of 210202

Substitute Estate owner for Highway/Local Authority and go to it.
A well presented file will show that you mean business and may well bring a result before going to the small claims court.

Good luck

Re: Potholes again... - Mike H
I believe that there was some legislation that came in a few years ago making local authorities legally responsible for damage caused by holes greater than a certain depth - thus avoiding lengthy legal disputes. But of course this only applies to adopted roads.

Let us know what happens.
Re: Potholes again... - El Dingo (Martin)
Further to my 'instant camera' photos (taken at the time, in the dark with a disposable camera), I went back today armed with a proper camera and took some photos. Watched by man in yellow jacket sat in car nearby.

Later, with a colleague, went back to take some photos with the car wheel in the hole (to get some scale). Surprise! Hole filled in with concrete aggregate mix...

The story gets, somehow, more boring... I hope I'll get recompensed....

Thanks anyhow for your input - Andy, John, DVD and Mike H.


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