Census Stupidity - IanJohnson
A38 Roundabout at Lichfield, 0700 this morning.

Stationary/stop-start traffic, coned down to one lane (this is a rural NSL dual carriageway). Pass a sign saying "Census" adn decide I am going to tell them I am travelling from Holyhead to Norwich on my daily commute . . . but. . .

They are not stopping anyone - so why do it?

perhaps they were waiting for the BiB to make the "request to stop"!
Census Stupidity - L'escargot
Perhaps they were waiting for the start of a particular time period.
Census Stupidity - madf
They were waiting for it to get really busy with rush hour traffic so they could cause maximum inconvenience...
Census Stupidity - Clanger
Perhaps they saw your nose growing and decided to wait for someone to give them accurate data.

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