Britain's Ideal car - type's'
Apparently this is the one we all want.

(Not happy about allowing this as a link. HJ)
Britain's Ideal car - PhilW
I was expecting a photo of a Berlingo 1.6 HDi !!
Britain's Ideal car - Waino
I was expecting a photo of a Berlingo 1.6 HDi !!

Britain's Ideal car - bell boy
i expected to see a woody moggy minor
Britain's Ideal car - JH
I'm with you. Driven by a Dame Edna lookalike or a misearble old sod in a flat cap.
Britain's Ideal car - local yokel
Not sure where I'd put the DoberHound, but he could always just stay at home.
Britain's Ideal car - tyro
>> I was expecting a photo of a Berlingo 1.6 HDi


That's uncanny. 3 of us.
Britain's Ideal car - Westpig
looks to me that Jaguar should copy Porsche and build a 4 door 4 seat XK then..... looking at the computer generated photo.... with maybe the 2.2 diesel engine.
Britain's Ideal car - DavidHM
It reminds me a little bit of this:

Which will probably come with the Peugeot diesel engine and still be the butt of Backroom jokes.
Britain's Ideal car - Hugo {P}
I see this is a car derived from what the motorig public would like to see/have.

What's interesting is one of Jeremy Clarckson's observations wrt Ford.
in the 1990s Ford asked the general public what they wanted in a car and then delivered that. Unfortunately the general public didn't know about new technology around the corner, so couldn't ask for the things that they didn't know existed.

Result - Ford sales suffered.

Shame really
Britain's Ideal car - expat
Looks like the back seat is only for midgets.
Britain's Ideal car - Lud
The looks of a Maserati, the performance of a Veyron, the roadholding and handling of a gokart, the ride comfort of a sedately driven fifties Cadillac, the safety of an old brickshaped Volvo with 25 airbags, the fit and finish of a Hooper-bodied RR sedanca de Ville from the thirties, all the bells and whistles of a steam merry-go-round with discreet and tasteful detailing, superior offroad ability, the street cred of some piece of carp I wouldn't touch with a barge pole, ample space for seven fat blokes plus their big dogs and weekend and golf kit, oh yes, and 85mpg at a cruising speed of 110 mph.

Mind you, the more critical purchaser would still find plenty to complain about.
Britain's Ideal car - v0n
Surely judging by the sales patterns Britain's favourite car would be a crossover of nineties Escort and mk2 Mondeo with a trailer in shape of previous Corsa. Somehow the round shapes and boulged lines appeal to general British public. You can also bet the fact one of the three has some road manners and decent handling is pure coincidence..
[Nissan 2.2 dCi are NOT Renault engines. Grrr...]
Britain's Ideal car - barchettaman
It´s for sale, it´s the Maserati Quattroporte!!!
Britain's Ideal car - Lud
It´s for sale, it´s the Maserati Quattroporte!!!

Very good looking, very expensive, 17mpg... that would hurt even if you were quite rich these days, especially if you were 'ecologically conscious' or something along those lines...

I imagine you would find it quite easy to bear the pain though :o)

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