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Hi All,

I recently did a HPI check on a 05 UK reg. Mondeo Zetec TDci (Which i subsequently bought), and everything checked out ok. The car had 22.5k miles on the odometer, so I also called the previous owner who confirmed they had 21k miles on it when they sold it.

However, I'm intrigued by the NMR system in the UK - nothing of any equivalent exists in the Rep. Ireland.

How effective/accurate is this system? Is the HPI mileage verification system only as good as those who update it? How often are car details mileage updated on this system? Who updates these records, and is there a legal obligation on them to do so?

Just curious to know these things!
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It is an option when you tax a car on line and when you sell it.
If you are like SWMBO and in the middle of the VOSA web site and faffing with a debit card , going out to the driveway in the dark and rain to check the mileage does not appeal.
I wasna fu but just had plenty.
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As it's only voluntary it's likely to be abused.

Those with lower than average mileages will record their mileages. Those with higher than average mileages won't record them (or falsify the figure).

In reality the mileage register is worth no more than old type odometers, ie SFA.

Unless you can see a FULL service history, ie every single expense, then ignore mileage and go on condition.

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