peugout 307 immobiliser - jas135
Hi all, I have a peugot 307 xsi on a "51" plate . I have just replaced the battery and cannot get this bloomin thing started . It is turning over but not firing ! The transponder key does not work now and I have to lock doors manually . On the dash there is a flashing red light on the "key" button . I am guessing that the immobiliser has kicked in after replacing the battery , but with out giving a dealership shed loads is there a simple way of getting round this ??? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated .
peugout 307 immobiliser - elekie&a/c doctor
Turn the ignition on (without trying to start the engine)and leave on for about 5 mins to allow the electronics of the car to re- initialise.Ignition off ,then turn ign on and should restart as normal.(hopefully)
peugout 307 immobiliser - jas135
still nothing ? turning over but not firing ?

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