Reg. Plate Website? - jdelmo
A few days back in a post relating to an E- type Jag, someone mentioned a website that can be used to search for registration plates and the cars that they belong to. Does anyone know of, or can anyone remember the web address? Thanks.
Reg. Plate Website? - Dynamic Dave
This one?
Reg. Plate Website? - Westpig
night shift DD?
Reg. Plate Website? - Dynamic Dave
No. Bed is for wimps.

Anyway, scrub the last link, I think this is the correct one.
Reg. Plate Website? - Armitage Shanks {p}
SFAIK this link

takes you to the DVLA website, where you can find out what information they hold re any given reg number.
Reg. Plate Website? - jdelmo
Cheers DD, that was the one I was after. Thanks to others for trying.

If anyone is interested, the website lets you search for cars by typing in the registration plate. Only tells you which cars they're on but an interesting / useful resource all the same.

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