Ford Focus dies for a second! - henry11
On 2 occasions my 2000 w reg diesel est lost all power and the coil light flashed, this occurred at low speed, 5 - 10 mph. It started again first time. i've had it checked at my local garage on the diagnostic machine, but could find no fault. i then took it to a Ford garage and put it on their machine, again no faults detected. this problem only occurred twice in the space of 24 hours, and has never missed a beat since, any ideas? the Ford garage did suggest fuel pump 'may' be the problem, but at £1200 to replace, i'd like to think not! I would have thought that if that was causing it i would have had more problems since, to date 5 weeks have passed without a hiccup.
Can't believe it is connected but around the same time the drivers electric window only works when it feels like it. although it works more of the time than it fails. Look forward to your replies because it has me stumped!
Ford Focus dies for a second! - AndyT
Did the engine stop, or just drop down to idle speed? If the latter, then the throttle pedal ass'y would be a favourite suspect to replace.
Ford Focus dies for a second! - DP
I agree with Andy. These engines use a "drive by wire" throttle with a potentiometer on the pedal. These can and do fail. I ran one as a company car for 2 years and although mine was OK, a couple of others on the fleet had to have these replaced.

Ford Focus dies for a second! - henry11
the engine stopped, and coil light flashed, there's nothing in the handbook re flashing coil light!
thanks for taking time to reply
Ford Focus dies for a second! - AndyT
That's a bit more serious potentially, and unless you get more info here, you're probably better to ask at the Ford Focus Owners Club;

There's a few Ford technos on there. Ask on the General Chat section, as most of the site is subscrition based.
Ford Focus dies for a second! - henry11
thanks for the advice, i'll give it a look, had never heard of it until you said.


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