106 1.1 hub problem - scfc_151
My sister has just bought her 1st car a 106 1.1 (Y reg) I did a service on it at the weekend and came to check over the brakes. I started to take of the wheel nuts and metal fillings followed. I think that the wheel nuts have been tightened on with an air gun and must have been cross threaded.

2 out of 4 nuts have gone but my main concern is the hub itself. I bought some replacment nuts of the same thread (1.25) i think, but the thread in the hub has also been damaged.

I was wondering wether i should get the hubs tapped or buy replacment hubs?

Whats the best course of action?

106 1.1 hub problem - bell boy
replacement hubs----not that dear from somewhere like gsf i wouldnt have thought?
treat it to a new set of shoes as well as at this age they will be past their prime and are prone to delaminate (fall to bits)
pewgot 106 good cars but the little bits let them down (pull the cylinder rubbers back and check for seizures and leaks as well ) very common on this model
well done for looking after sister by the way
106 1.1 hub problem - jc2
I am confused-do you mean nuts on studs or bolts in holes.If studs,then replacements should be available-usually hammer in from the back;if bolts,then a good engineering shop should be able to recut the threads in the holes.
106 1.1 hub problem - RichardW
Are you talking front or rear - and do you mean wheel nuts or wheel bolts? If nuts (ie studs fitted to hubs) you might be able to knock the studs out of the hub and fit new ones. If bolts then you will need new hubs (front) or drums (rear) - tapping the hub will not be good enough. I doubt you will get a front hub from GSF or similar, but there must be 000's on the scrap heap, so getting some half decent ones should be easy enough. You might need to fit new wheel bearings though.


Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....
106 1.1 hub problem - scfc_151
Hi Richard sorry i wasnt clear, its the front wheels. The bolts have shed the thread so to speak. I thought about new hubs from a scrappy there must be loads. Its going into the garage for some electrical bits so i might ask my mechanic to sort it as it will probably need new bearings

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