Mecedes Vito Dualiner - nick62
Has anyone here had any experience (good or bad) of the above. I beleive there were a few problems with the early version, but I'm thinking of the latest one.

Which would be the best engine to go for the 110 or the 150 bhp (I do not want the 100 bhp)
Mecedes Vito Dualiner - Dave N
I very nearly bought one, but a friend who got one earlier wasn't impressed. Poor service from the dealer and non-existent PDI. Lots of silly little nigly things like dodgy electrics, auto trans not shifting right, excessive smoke from engine etc.

You can now get a V6 diesel or petrol.
Mecedes Vito Dualiner - mark999
The old model had dreadfull reliability I've heard of several bad repots regarding the new model and of poor service fron the dealers.
The new VW Transporter is worth a look, as is the new Toyota van

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