vw passat tensioner problems ! - boxer42
Hi All I have a 2000 x reg 1.9 tdi Passat

I developed a problem with the auxilary belt the when steerring the belt started slipping so it looked like the belt tensioner replaced that and i still have the problem , When on tick over the tensoner seems to vibrate !! which is causing the problems .

So far i have replaced the auxilary belt, automatic tensioner, power steering pump, and still the belt slips and on tick over the tensioner vibrates loudly

Can anyone help !!
vw passat tensioner problems ! - Alec
The later models have a clutch in the alternator pulley, the failure of which can cause these symptoms.
Take the tension off the belt, there is a hole where you can lock it "off" with a screw or w.h.y, and check that all the ancilliaries driven by the belt rotate smoothly and that any clutch on the alternator is working.
Could also be the damper incorporated in the crank pulley.
vw passat tensioner problems ! - jonah1
as alec said it will be the freewheel pully on the alternator. they seize up and cause the belt to viabrate, which in turn causes damage to the damper on the tensioner.
vw passat tensioner problems ! - boxer42
Thanks Alec and Jonah just drove the car over to paris and back 800 miles round trip no problems, gets outside the house and the belts vibrating again on tick over , So ive ordered a replacment alternator and i will let you no if that solves the problem.
vw passat tensioner problems ! - jonah1
i hope by when you say alternator you only mean the pully!? you can gat a genuin one for about £40 i think!

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